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Free personal growth apps based on science & connection
Seek happiness. Find meaning
Free personal growth apps based on science & connection
Seek happiness. Find meaning
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Individual growth could be one of the most important tools for impacting our personal and shared future, and a scalable solution is within reach. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, 29k is a non-profit initiated by the Norrsken Foundation and the Ekskäret Foundation, working with leading researchers and scientists from Harvard University and the Karolinska Institute.

29k makes tools and processes for psychological development accessible to everyone. Similar to what Wikipedia does for knowledge. It mainly has two kinds of contributors: Psychology professionals and users. Both equally important. Psychology professionals contribute with proven processes and exercises that populate the platform. Based on the user’s specific needs, a combination of these exercises is turned into a tailor-made program.

As users go through and complete these programs, they, in turn, contribute with their stories and psychometric data which helps the psychology professionals improve their tools. This positive feedback loop is what enables the true power and scalability of the 29k platform, growing ever stronger as the number of contributors increases.


Tomas Bjorkman
Financier | Social Entrepreneur | Author | Social Change | Personal Development

Tomas Björkman is an entrepreneur, investment banker and property developer with great interest in science and philosophy. He has founded several companies and organizations, including Investment Banking Partners AB. He has also served as chairman of EFG Investment Bank. Ten years ago, he founded the Ekskäret Foundation, supporting development for individuals, organizations with the aim of creating a more conscious society.

Tomas is also the co-founder of the research institute Perspectiva in London, of the Co-creation Foundation and the media platform Emerge in Berlin and personal development platform. He is the author of three books: The Market Myth (2016), The Nordic Secret (together with Lene Rachel Andersen, 2017) and The World We Create (2019). He divides his time between London, Stockholm and Berlin.


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We’re so proud to announce that we and Aware won Best Hidden Gem 🏆 for #GooglePlayBestOf 2023. We launched the Aware app in May this year, and we feel so lucky that our work is already being recognized and appreciated beyond our group of core users. 🤗Watch video on …Read more
🤝 Experience real-time human connection with Aware! 🌟 Join a vibrant community offering science-based content, peer-to-peer & facilitator-guided support, and personal growth. 💕 Connect with yourself, others, and the planet while receiving crucial social support for mental wellbeing and meaningful relationships. Available for free. …Read more
You know how life can get, right? It feels like we’re constantly racing between what’s ahead and what’s already behind us. 🌪️ But here’s the secret to finding true joy: being in the here and now. 🧘‍♀️ So, let’s take a little moment for ourselves. We’re going to do a simple meditation exercise that’ll help us fully experience the present. …Read more
🌿 Embrace inner peace and wellbeing with our free mental health app Aware!
🧘‍♀️ Unlock mindfulness, manage stress, and build meaningful connections. 
🌟 Join the community today and journey towards a happier, healthier YOU! 

#Mindfulness #Wellbeing #MentalHealth #SelfCare #InnerPeace #FreeApp #Meditation #Support …Read more
❤️ Aware app is your well-being companion! 📲 The app provides a unique blend of working with science-based content, peer-to-peer and facilitator-guided support, and personal development. By joining Aware, you’ll become part of a community that helps you connect with yourself, others, and the planet. You’ll get real-time social support that is essential for mental wellbeing and building meaningful relationships.
❤️ …Read more
Join us for a guided meditation exercise that can help you manage stress, cultivate serenity, and make clearer decisions. Take a moment to nurture your well-being with the Aware app, available for free. Click the link in our bio and explore the world of mindfulness and connection❤️ …Read more
🗓️ Every Monday morning we meet as a team to do a check-in and to reflect together. 🔗 This is our way to stay connected as humans and to “walk the talk”. 🤗 Today we are inviting you to join! ❓What can you do to **support and** strengthen your mental health and inner development this year? 💬 Leave a comment and share …Read more
🧘 Learning to be present is a powerful skill! Practicing mindfulness strengthens our ability to cope with and recover from challenging situations. ⛰️ But as with any other skill, it requires practice and patience. ✏️ Here are some handy tips on how to overcome the most common mindfulness challenges. ✨ Download the 29k app today and get access to a wide range of guided …Read more
Building connections around the globe 🌎💛 Our 29k app for mental health and wellbeing has reached users in over 200 different countries! We’re so grateful to be making a positive impact on so many lives around the world. #mentalhealthawareness #wellbeing #globalreach #29kapp #mentalhealthsupport #freeappPhotos from’s post …Read more
Want to express yourself fully in relationships and create deeper connections? Our course can help! Learn to be courageous, loving, and aware in your interactions with others. Download our free 29k app now and start creating more fulfilling relationships today! #relationships #connection #selfexpression #29kappPhotos from’s post …Read more
🔎Everyone feels lost at some point… 🗺️This can often show up when we’re faced with uncertainty, go through a key transition or realize that the things we do just don’t feel so meaningful anymore. 📍Feeling purpose exercise in the 29k app explores what it means to feel purpose in life. ❤️Try it today. …Read more
A free guide to find your values and live a more meaningful life ❤️ #mentalhealth #wellbeing #freeapp #29kappPhotos from’s post …Read more
🧘 Learning to be present is a powerful skill! Practicing mindfulness strengthens our ability to cope with and recover from challenging situations. ⛰️ But as with any other skill, it requires practice and patience. ✏️ Here are some handy tips on how to overcome the most common mindfulness challenges. ✨ Download the 29k app today and get access to a wide range of guided meditations.Photos …Read more
🌟 Relationships matter because they bring meaning to our lives. They create a sense of belonging and provide support during both good times and tough moments. 🌈 Rediscover and deepen your relationships with Aware, a science-backed app designed to nurture relationships. Developed by psychologists, it offers a unique opportunity to deepen your connections with friends, colleagues and loved ones. ❤️ With …Read more
Fill your day with self-love and kindness. Need help practicing acceptance? Join us for a free guided session in the 29k Sessions app where you can learn how to make room for a range of feelings and experiences, without trying to escape, numb or fight the ones you don’t want or like. Today at 13:00 CET 💛 #selflove #kindness #acceptance …Read more
Mental health support should never be a question about money. That’s why we created 29k, a free non-profit app for mental health, wellbeing, and inner development. With unlimited access to evidence-based psychological tools and a supportive community, you can feel good and thrive through life’s ups and downs. Best of all, there are no in-app purchases or advertising – just …Read more
Are your thoughts stuck on repeat? 🤔 Try the “Sticky thoughts” exercise to see them for what they really are – just words, not reality. Learn more about negative thoughts and how to overcome them. Available in the 29k app for free. #mentalhealthfacts #mentalhealth #wellbeing #psychology #29kapp …Read more
Join us at 29k and celebrate #sleepweek this March! We’ll be sharing evidence-based tips and tricks to help you rest and recover. Download the 29k app for free to improve your sleep today! The 15-minute rule aims at making the association between your bed and sleep as strong as possible while also breaking the anxiety loop. This is done by minimizing the time you spend in bed without actually sleeping and instead engaging in a calming activity until the next sleep train comes around. …Read more
🤚 How many of you are also stuck in this loop? 🛏 As we lay awake at night trying to fall asleep, our thoughts may sound like this: “I need to fall asleep now”; “Why am I not falling asleep”; “How many hours do I have until I need to get up?”; or “What is wrong with me?”. And the …Read more
🌱 Let’s conquer this week together! 💖 Choose your personal focus for the week: dive into self-compassion or strengthen your relationships? ✨ Unlock the power of Aware, our new app that tailors to your needs in the moment. 📲 Join us for free facilitated sessions, download now, and elevate your wellbeing journey! …Read more
🫂You don’t have to go through this alone. 🔗Join today. ❤️Anonymous and free for all.Photos from’s post …Read more
⛈️ Stress and stress-related problems are not a result of you and your actions only. Instead, increased levels of stress are a structural problem in our society. Some of these stressors we can affect, others are outside our control. 📝 Let’s try an exercise. 🤳 Download the 29k app to find more tools for dealing with stress. 🎁 For free.Photos …Read more
🥹 We are not crying, you are… 🌱 Every single donation we receive makes a difference. 🌏 2023 we aim to support 200,000 people to make meaningful changes in their lives. Help us today to impact another person’s life in a positive direction ➡️ #29k #nonprofit #donate #mentalhealth #innerdevelopmentgoalsPhotos from’s post …Read more
🪞 Change your life through changing your relationship with yourself. Work through exercises drawn from the leading research on self-compassion together with @yoga_girl 📝 Co-created by 19 researchers and psychologists. 📈 These exercises have been proven to help in many aspects of everyday life, from work and education to parenthood and self-esteem. 🎁 Download for freePhotos from’s post …Read more

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