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Free personal growth apps based on science & connection
Seek happiness. Find meaning
Free personal growth apps based on science & connection
Seek happiness. Find meaning
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Individual growth could be one of the most important tools for impacting our personal and shared future, and a scalable solution is within reach. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, 29k is a non-profit initiated by the Norrsken Foundation and the Ekskäret Foundation, working with leading researchers and scientists from Harvard University and the Karolinska Institute.

29k makes tools and processes for psychological development accessible to everyone. Similar to what Wikipedia does for knowledge. It mainly has two kinds of contributors: Psychology professionals and users. Both equally important. Psychology professionals contribute with proven processes and exercises that populate the platform. Based on the user’s specific needs, a combination of these exercises is turned into a tailor-made program.

As users go through and complete these programs, they, in turn, contribute with their stories and psychometric data which helps the psychology professionals improve their tools. This positive feedback loop is what enables the true power and scalability of the 29k platform, growing ever stronger as the number of contributors increases.


Tomas Bjorkman
Financier | Social Entrepreneur | Author | Social Change | Personal Development

Tomas Björkman is an entrepreneur, investment banker and property developer with great interest in science and philosophy. He has founded several companies and organizations, including Investment Banking Partners AB. He has also served as chairman of EFG Investment Bank. Ten years ago, he founded the Ekskäret Foundation, supporting development for individuals, organizations with the aim of creating a more conscious society.

Tomas is also the co-founder of the research institute Perspectiva in London, of the Co-creation Foundation and the media platform Emerge in Berlin and personal development platform. He is the author of three books: The Market Myth (2016), The Nordic Secret (together with Lene Rachel Andersen, 2017) and The World We Create (2019). He divides his time between London, Stockholm and Berlin.


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Inner critic is one of the most appreciated lessons in the 29k app. It is the first lesson of the Self-compassion course created in collaboration with wonderful Rachel Yoga Girll ❤️ We are so inspired by our users and would like to share some of the reflections 💬 Hopefully it will nudge you to try the course out and to …Read more
Stress may feel extreme or dangerous, but it is a natural part of our psychological and physiological makeup. Stress is necessary to motivate us and help us achieve things in life. It is when it gets too much for too long that it can be dangerous. In the 29k app, you can find a variety of resources that will help …Read more
Sleep is one of our body’s main ways to recover. The need for sleep is individual and can change throughout life. Our sleep is influenced by a bunch of things — for example, our behaviors, biological factors, and events in our daily lives. There are several reasons why we experience sleep problems. There’s a high probability that you’ve already tried …Read more
What are good coping strategies for mental health? To answer this question, we invite you to read this article by one of our star psychologists with a short list of tips that can help you take care of yourself in a moment of difficulty. Read more …Read more updated their business …Read more
Listen to our amazing psychologist Agnes Branny in the finale episode of the Coming Home podcast where she clarifies the difference between ‘self compassion’ and ‘self care’. She provides a unique insight into how our understanding of ourselves as ‘cyclical beings’ can help us shift perspectives and even change our lives. Enjoy! <3Listen to this episode from COMING HOME on …Read more
Listen to our lovely psychologist Jenny Rickardson in this special episode of the Coming Home podcast on relationships. How do we handle and deepen them? How do we actually connect? As the co-hosts share their pivotal experiences, Jenny introduces us all to some useful keys for building a healthy relationship. We learn about the ACT method, the three pillars for …Read more
The big day is finally here!
 Today we are launching the “You are not alone” campaign that brings together the multi-talented Anis Don Demina, artist Danny Saucedo and actress Cecilia von der Esch to draw attention to mental health and the importance of daring to share feelings and thoughts. 

In the short film “Mirrors” by award-winning director Paul Jerndal, Anis, …Read more
Don’t miss a chance to ask our chief psychologist Jenny Rickardson your question about mental health in the live chat at Aftonbladet Nöje!Chatta med psykologen om psykisk ohälsawww.aftonbladet.seI kampanjen ”Du är inte ensam” berättar Danny Saucedo, Cissi von der Esch och Anis don Demina om sina upplevelser av psy …Read more
Happy Mental Health Awareness month!💜 We are so excited to spend this month with you talking about relationships, self-care, commitment, communication and so much more! Our awesome team of psychologist prepared a lot of truly amazing content that we will be sharing with you every day! Let’s do it together! Make sure to invite your friends to download the 29k …Read more
Exciting news: A free Inner Development app to test your skills on the IDGs! In preparation for the upcoming IDG summit on the 29th of April, we created a first draft of the IDG self-assessment and a reflection tool. This test is free and embedded in the 29k app. It assesses your progress in developing the IDG skills and asks …Read more
Last chance to register for the IDG Summit 2022 – on Friday we are off! The IDGs Summit will gather 700+ people in the Stockholm Concert Hall, 40+ IDG Hubs all around the world and will have 5 digital tracks to follow globally (29k, Harvard University, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm School of Economics and Presencing Institute). This will be the event …Read more
That’s what keeps us going❤️ The true heroes of 29k – our users! We are thankful for your trust and will keep working to give you nothing but the best!Photos from’s post …Read more
Inner Development Goals (IDGs) initiative is the greatest possible accelerator to reach the Sustainable Development Goals and create a prosperous future for all humanity. We at 29k are proud to be the world’s first non-profit open-source co-created tech platform that focuses on supporting the development of the IDG skills at scale. Visit to explore our free and evidence-based courses …Read more
Heart is beating fast, breathing is short, hands may shake and we might be sweaty or even dizzy. The stress response in our bodies may feel uncomfortable or even dangerous. And in the long run, it can be. But without it, none of us would be alive. Or be motivated or engaged. So how do we go from negative to …Read more
Discover the tools that can change the world. We at 29k are proud to be one of the founding partners of the Inner Development Goals initiative and we would like to welcome you to the first-ever Inner Development Goals Summit, taking place on April 29, 2022, both physically and digitally! Engage with thought leaders of our time and be part …Read more
A few hours left to join our IDG Growth that Matters Gathering on the 7th of April to try out for yourself tools to practice and strengthen your self-compassion! Come join a conversation on what role digital tools can play in changing the world for the better. Together. Follow the link to secure your spot. That Matters Gathering – …Read more
This year, traveling looks a lot different. Take our 7-day self-care challenge to go on an inner journey and support your mental and emotional health. We’ll offer you short daily exercises and notifications to help you every step of the way. Download the 29k app for free and sign up for the Challenge today! …Read more
Why a lot of our decisions are not as good as they could be? Learn more about the science behind decision making and get 6 tips from our psychologist Jenny Rickardson. #decisions #decisionmaking #psychology #tipsoftheday …Read more
What could you as a leader do to gain momentum and address global challenges? We at 29k are taking action by co-founding the Inner Development Goals initiative. The #IDGs framework helps to upgrade inner skills and capabilities that will change our own lives immeasurably for the better, teaching us to relate and collaborate more productively and more imaginatively with everyone …Read more
In response to the fast-deteriorating situation in Ukraine, we at 29k are launching digital tools for Ukrainians and anyone who is struggling with anxiety and worry as a result of the war. The tools are available in Ukrainian, Russian, English and Swedish. Grateful if you can share with those NGOs, organizations, communities, families, and friends you believe this could be …Read more
The Coping with War Anxiety Training has been created by leading Swedish psychologists and researchers and is now available in the 29k app in Ukrainian, Russian, English, Swedish, and Portuguese for free. Learn more about the 29k initiative here from our co-CEO Elise Lilliehöök.Satsar tungt på mental hälsa – vill göra sitt under kriget med digital hjälp: “Får inte bli …Read more
We are very proud to announce our new amazing ambassador Sandro Cavazza! Stay tuned for a big surprise from Sandro in the 29k app next week! <3Watch video on …Read more
World-renowned artist Sandro Cavazza has chosen to end his solo career as an artist to live by his values and follow his heart. If you want to find out what your values are, join our new ambassador Sandro on a 10-day challenge in the 29k app starting today. Click below to listen to Sandro’s thoughts and reflections, learn more about …Read more

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