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Our global civilization faces multiple systemic threats.

The inevitable deeply disruptive transition will lead…
EITHER to untold pain and suffering – via chaos
OR (maybe) to a New Era – via conscious evolution.

On this site, we curate the content of some of the people and organizations who are consciously working directly or indirectly on Humanity’s Transition.

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Most recent 20 Videos, Podcasts and Medium Posts

Most recent 15 Videos, Podcasts and Medium Posts

Latest 20 VideosLatest 20 PodcastsLatest 20 Medium Posts
Diane Musho Hamilton introduces a new online course "Developing Emotional Maturity" and explains how expanding your ability to feel, and to let feelings go, is key to a fuller, richer …Read more

September 16th, 2021 adrienne maree brown visits The Stoa to discuss emergent strategy. Why are the YouTube comments disabled? Answer: More events: Regular updates: Support The …Read more A deep code venture into the ecology of egragores. Let me know what you think! …Read more

Rafia Morgan has been a facilitator and counsellor for over 40 years, and is something of a mentor to us at Rebel Wisdom. In this wide ranging conversation with David …Read more

Tomas Björkman Fireside Talk på Ekskäret om "Vakna up ur ‘The Matrix’: The Collective Imaginary" …Read more

Kristina Elfhag och Tomas Björkman samtalar om Kristinas bok Livsutvecklingens psykologi på Klustret Ekskäret i september 2020. …Read more

Our well being is inseparable from the well being of the world. That is not to say that if something bad happens somewhere far away that something bad will happen …Read more

In this episode we move to directly address the normative dimension of transformation. John problematizes the is/ought distinction made famous by Hume, and then we wrestle with the postmodern predicament …Read more This is the conversation referenced in my (later) chat with Gregg H. This is my introduction to the "gaggle" and to competitive paragliding, for that matter. As always, if …Read more

My friend Daniel and I experimenting here with different ways of dialoging. Daniel is in Austria early in the morning for him and I’m in California night time for me. …Read more

Join us for an evening with Neal Stephenson reading from his newest book "Termination Shock" (pub. 11/16/21) and discussing the long-term vision, dire risks and potential solutions around climate change …Read more

Investigative journalist Tom O’Neill started researching the Manson killings in 1999, twenty years later he finally published what became one of the most complete accounts of the secret war against …Read more

September 14th, 2021 James Ellis (Meta-Nomad) from the Hermitix podcast visits The Stoa to discuss his new book, Exiting Modernity. “Since 2017, author James Ellis (under the pseudonym ‘Meta-Nomad’) has …Read more

September 13th, 2021 Dr. Madan Kataria, the creator of laugher yoga, visits The Stoa to discuss the practice and to lead us in laughter. Why are the YouTube comments …Read more The creator of the Cynefin framework and the person who first taught me about the complicated/complex distinction. This conversation was done for his community. If you aren’t familiar with …Read more

There is a large degree of innate trauma that can stem from the dominant story of success many of us have been raised in, and if it is recognized in …Read more

This is a clip taken from the UTOKing with Gregg Podcast. Find the full conversation here: …Read more

Author of Power: Limits and Prospects for Human Survival and senior fellow-in-residence Post Carbon Institute fellow Richard Heinberg shares the simple truth that power has a lot less to do …Read more

Jim has a wide-ranging talk with evolutionary biologist Heather Heying about her & Bret Weinstein’s new book, A Hunter-Gatherer’s Guide to the 21st Century: Evolution and the Challenges of Modern Life. They discuss hyper-novelty & its …Read more

Gregg is a psychologist of the highest degree. He’s a deep thinker and has mapped out a profound understanding of existence. Today we talk about wisdom – what it is …Read more

Founding editor of High Frontiers, Reality Hackers, and Mondo 2000, R. U. Sirius and Douglas Rushkoff discuss Mondo 2000’s cultural influence, memes, and how to create a fool proof media …Read more

Jordan is one of the most insightful cultural observers alive. He has uniquely described to us the ‘Deep Code’ of our culture, in an incredibly nuanced and articulate way. He …Read more

President of the National Jewish Center for Leading and Leadership, author of Yearnings: Embracing the Sacred Messiness of Life, and seventh-generation rabbi Irwin Kula brings us through a spiritual journey …Read more

Jim talks with evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar, discoverer of Dunbar’s number, about his latest book, Friends: Understanding the Power of our Most Important Relationships. They cover the importance of friendship, the loneliness epidemic, …Read more

On this Team Human special report, The Yes Men’s Andy Bichlbaum explains how he duped Newsmax into letting an imposter former Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz discuss his regret for …Read more

Yes, that’s right. Fuck greatness so that you can set yourself free to be filled up by what is right in front of you. Fuck greatness so that you can …Read more

The US withdraws from Afghanistan and the Taliban enters — and all so much faster than expected. In this episode, recorded 8/18, I take a look at what is happening …Read more

John Robb & Jim meet for a timely discussion about the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, the current mess at the Kabul airport, how the Taliban are controlling the flow of …Read more

How to Party? Strange subject, but it might be more nuanced, helpful and healing than you ever imagined. I tell my tale of how I learned how to party, what …Read more

Professor of Philosophy and Jewish Thought at the University of Denver Sarah Pessin helps us learn to treasure the great human in-between. The living, delightfully incomplete, and always never-quite-thereness of …Read more

Robert Tercek & Jim continue their conversation in this wide-ranging chat about learning & education. They discuss the dematerialized economy, technological unemployment risk, underestimating software automation, AI as a career superpower, changing …Read more

Is it still possible to create a more beautiful future for life on earth, or are we now merely stewards for the dying process of our world? How do we …Read more

Author of The Web of Meaning and The Patterning Instinct, Jeremy Lent joins Douglas Rushkoff for a special Team Human Salon live from Team Human’s Discord community. Here’s a sneak …Read more

Jonathan Rowson & Jim continue their conversation by exploring Jonathan’s recent essay, Tasting the Pickle: Ten flavours of meta-crisis and the appetite for a new civilization. They cover contextualizing our entangled meta-crisis, finding better …Read more

Dr. Keith Witt, integral psychotherapist extraordinaire, joins me for another episode of The Shrink and the Pundit, where we explore the contours of emerging integral consciousness. Today’s topic is what …Read more

Author and activist Naomi Klein engages with Rushkoff on media and society on the occasion of winning the Media Ecology Association’s Neil Postman award for career achievement in public intellectual …Read more

Jim Rutt Show producer, Jared Janes & Jim announce some changes to the podcast, preview upcoming guests, talk about the Jim Rutt Show (JRS) origin story, Jim’s guest prep process, …Read more

Help me build out C-LABSContinue reading on Our Future at Work » …Read more

In a recent twitter thread I talked about COVID and our policy response as a certain kind of problem that our existing mental models are…Continue reading on Project 2020z » …Read more

This post is just to let you know that I will be hosting, along with my good friends Owen Cox and Eskil Avelon, an educational gathering…Continue reading on Medium » …Read more

This article was written by Ed Prideaux (Twitter: @EdPrideaux) in collaboration with David Fuller. the last few months, there has been mounting controversy around claims that the anti-parasite drug ivermectin could …Read more

Democratizing Access To The Tools For TransformationIn the face of accelerating social and environmental breakdowns, how can we build our collective capacities for transformation to bring about a just, inclusive, …Read more

This article is a detailed investigation of the claims made around ivermectin and vaccine safety by Bret Weinstein, Heather Heying, and their guests on the Dark Horse podcast. It is …Read more

Ivermectin — For and Against, Briefing Document is a document to go alongside our new film, “Ivermectin for and against” (left). It was largely researched and written by Ed Prideaux.Over the last few …Read more

How a Strange Collision of Internet Memes, Unconscious Drives, and Historical Happenstance Is Shaping A New WorldContinue reading on Rebel Wisdom » …Read more

How action protocols reveal key choice points to solve wicked problemsContinue reading on The Concentrator Labs » …Read more

This is Rebel Wisdom’s Third Newsletter, largely written by Ed Prideaux. We release one every two weeks — to get it sent directly to you, click on our website and add your …Read more

Ten Lessons from Covid for Stepping into the Decade of TransformationIn 1989, a few months before the Berlin Wall would collapse, I was co-leading an international student group in a …Read more

Photo credit Bob ZuurA permaculture approach to landscaping your life!Have you ever felt like you were at a crossroads in your life? Or are you standing at one right now? And did …Read more

Invitation to members, contributors and invited guests/children/dependants**You are warmly invited to register by Sunday 6 June for this year’s retreat.Details:Venue: Riverslea Retreat Centre, 733 Otaki George Road, 5582 OtakiDate and time:From Friday 2 …Read more

May 10th, 2021A few years ago my mentor told me the following …There are no parents upstairs.He told me this during a great doubt in my life. Everything was so fucking complex, …Read more

And the continuing adventures of SOCIHi everyone. Last year (or maybe the year before), Medium censored one of my posts with effectively no explanation or process. So I no longer feel …Read more final judgement of the voters in the London Mayor race will be laid down tomorrow. But an election campaign is meant to be the process of testing candidates’ policies …Read more’ve just put out two new films on the scammer Brian Rose, in addition to a longer written piece for Unherd, on his new attempt to become London Mayor. For …Read more

INAUGURATION SPEECH FOR THE COCREATION FOUNDATION10 OCTOBER, 2020 BY JASCHA ROHRNASA/Apollo 17 crew; taken by either Harrison Schmitt or Ron EvansNo one knows if it was Willy Brandt or Abraham Lincoln who said:“THE …Read more

INAUGURATION SPEECH FOR THE COCREATION FOUNDATION10 OCTOBER, 2020 BY JASCHA ROHRNASA/Apollo 17 crew; taken by either Harrison Schmitt or Ron EvansNo one knows if it was Willy Brandt or Abraham Lincoln who said:“THE …Read more

In ancient Jerusalem there was a gate called the Eye of the Needle which was so narrow that when a fully loaded camel approached it, all the bundles had to …Read more

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