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Our global civilization faces multiple systemic threats.

The inevitable deeply disruptive transition will lead…
EITHER to untold pain and suffering – via chaos
OR (maybe) to a New Era – via conscious evolution.

On this site, we curate the content of some of the people and organizations who are consciously working directly or indirectly on Humanity’s Transition.

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Most recent 20 Videos, Podcasts and Medium Posts

Most recent 15 Videos, Podcasts and Medium Posts

Latest 20 VideosLatest 20 PodcastsLatest 20 Medium Posts
Welcome back to episode 6 of After Socrates! Episode 7 releases next Monday, January 30th, 2023. Please join our patreon to support our work! — You are invited to …Read more

USEFUL LINKS: 👉 Here you can listen to the full interview on the Love & Liberation podcast: 👉 Here you can read Charles’ essays on Substack: 👉 Here …Read more

I love you, I see you. So let’s think about it deeply together. What does it mean to love? Let’s feel deeply. To love is to see through God’s eyes. …Read more

Urbanist, researcher and writer Johanna Hoffman shares an overview of speculative futures, with illustrative examples of techniques and tactics. From the Long Now Seminar, “Speculative Futures: Design Approaches to Foster …Read more

Standing for Value: Avatar as an Intergalactic Love Story Pointing Towards Homo Amor Consciousness Clips used in this week’s episode: JAKE THROWN IN STREET FROM BAR (link below) THIS …Read more

New Discourses Bullets, Ep. 32 Young men have had it rough for a decade or more now. How are young men and adolescents growing to become them supposed to navigate …Read more

NY BOG af Lene Rachel Andersen: Libertisme: Begrib det 21. århundrede Det er som om, politik, som vi kender det, har nået til en form for grænse for, hvad den …Read more

January 24th, 2023 Join Joe Edelman and Ellie Hain for a Q&A session on the launch of their new movement, Rebuilding Meaning. You can watch their presenting talks on how …Read more

Postmodernity has got some things right, and some things wrong. So there are validated insights in the traditional world which is called 𝘱𝘳𝘦-𝘮𝘰𝘥𝘦𝘳𝘯; there is validated insights in modernity; and …Read more

Welcome back to episode 5 of After Socrates! Episode 6 releases next Thursday, January 26th, 2023. Please join our patreon to support our work! — You are invited to …Read more

January 18th, 2023 Philosopher-in-Residence for January 2023: Sebastian Marshall – Bespoke Applied Science: Applying the Scientist’s Skillset for Wisdom Sign-up to attend the series live here:–hpjssEtQ28HeWNYilnmB5ljqTPK46 In five sessions, …Read more

Submit questions here: ***** The Q & A section of the 158th live discussion between Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying on the DarkHorse Podcast. ***** Our book, A Hunter-Gatherer’s …Read more

In this 158th in a series of live discussions with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (both PhDs in Biology), we discuss the state of the world through an evolutionary lens. …Read more

#community #technology #unity Charles discusses how technology has decreased the strength of communities. This is a segment from Charles’ interview on the Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast with host Beth Weinstein. @BethAWeinstein …Read more

CosmoErotic Humanism is about the notion that our human experience of 𝘓𝘰𝘷𝘦 participates in a larger Galactic Reality: and that actually Reality is Eros. And this is so beautiful and …Read more

w. Alexander Bard – Alex Ebert -Thomas Hamelryck – O.G. Rose – Dimitri Crooijmans – Andrew Sweeny – Daniel Fraga – Owen Cox – Raven A third conversation with the …Read more

Andrew Sweeny and Tom Amarque ramble about group-dynamics, epistemic humility, ‘Isms’, profilicity vs authenticity, uncertainty of history and the Pricipia Discordia …Read more

In this episode, I take a look at three cultural artifacts that present worldcentric ideals of sustainability, egalitarianism and gender fluidity through an ethnocentric lens of good versus evil: Avatar: …Read more

Jakob Shockey, founder of the Beaver Coalition, has spent years researching and working to preserve, restore, and understand beaver habitats. He discusses with Bret the rarely discussed impacts of Beavers …Read more

Watch the full discussion here: What exactly do we mean by spirituality, and what do we mean specifically by “integral spirituality?” In this discussion, Nomali Perera presents a brief …Read more

Playing for Team Human today, it’s Team Human! Douglas Rushkoff hosts the fifth Team Human call-in show from the community Discord server. This show was recorded on Friday, January 20, 2023.Rushkoff …Read more

In this episode, I take a look at three cultural artifacts that present worldcentric ideals of sustainability, egalitarianism and gender fluidity through an ethnocentric lens of good versus evil: Avatar: …Read more

Jim talks with Hanzi Freinacht about his book 12 Commandments: For Extraordinary People to Master Ordinary Life. They discuss the book as a response to Jordan Peterson & his “12 rules” …Read more

Gafni is a visionary thinker, social activist and passionate philosopher. He is known for his “source code teachings”. He is the author of ten books. He holds his doctorate in …Read more

Library technologist, owner of MetaFilter, and author of Without a Net: Librarians Bridging the Digital Divide, Jessamyn West shares the joys of hands-on technology education in the public library – …Read more

Alexander Bard, Swedish rockstar philosopher is back for the 4th time, and this time I dig deep to synthesize his relationship advice with my own. It is insightful and helpful …Read more

Jim talks with Brendan Graham Dempsey about his book Emergentism: A Religion of Complexity for the Metamodern World. They discuss the meaning crisis & its symptoms, reciprocal narrowing, the pre-modern & the …Read more

In this episode, I analyze Elon Musk through the lens of developmental theory, which maps the “spiral of worldview evolution” within people and cultures. There are three major worldviews currently …Read more

Jim talks with Douglas Rushkoff about the ideas in his essay series, “What’s a Meta For?” They discuss Facebook’s renaming to Meta, the semantic web, ChatGPT, a Turing test recalibration period, Rocco’s …Read more

Playing for Team Human today, historian of alternative spirituality and author of Uncertain Places: Essays on Occult and Outsider Experiences, Mitch Horowitz helps us figure out if we’re praying to …Read more

Jim talks with John Ash about his use of AI art tools and their implications for society. They discuss the basics of how the latest models work, using AI to …Read more

Bonnitta is an award-winning author, philosopher and insight guide. She is a life coach for individuals entering post-formal levels of consciousness. She founder of Alderlore Insight Center whose mission is …Read more

Jim continues his conversation with Serge Faguet, this time focusing on the nature of consciousness and its implications for the wise and ethical use of AI systems. They discuss a …Read more

Hey folks, welcome back to The Daily Evolver! It’s good to be with you again. Today’s episode was initiated by my Integral colleagues, Nomali Perera and Lee Mason of Practical …Read more

In a special holiday message, Rushkoff imagines a world where infectious – not effective – altruism is the goal of communities.🙏 Thank you to everyone who supported Team Human this …Read more

Playing for Team Human today, it’s Team Human! Douglas Rushkoff hosts the fourth Team Human call-in show from the community Discord server.Rushkoff fields questions about how his views on internet privacy …Read more

Jim continues his discussion with Bruce Damer on the origins of life. They discuss Darwin’s “warm little pond” hypothesis, hydrothermal fields as selection engines, wet-dry cycling, proto-cells, competing theories, implications …Read more

Software engineer, computer scientist, and creator of Web3 Is Going Just Great Molly White helps us determine whether Web3 is really going just great for humanity — and helps us …Read more

Jim talks with Jamie Joyce about the organization she founded and directs, The Society Library. They discuss the Library’s mission, its ontological structure, offering diverse interfaces, methods for overcoming limitations …Read more

Jim talks with Michael Nielsen about the ideas in his and Kanjun Qiu’s recent essay, “A Vision of Metascience: An Engine of Improvement for the Social Processes of Science.” They discuss …Read more

I spent most of my life looking for the school that didn’t exist. Nine years spread across three universities only confirmed that the challenges humanity faces will not be addressed …Read more

Waterfall View, Cundinamarca, Colombia. …Read more

Severn Bridge, UK …Read more

We are prototyping new ways to collaborate with Barichara that can be applied to other bioregions in the future…A few months ago Penny Heiple and I hosted the first call for …Read more

Mystical Forest, Mill Valley, California …Read more

In the last three years, a tremendous amount of progress has been made to create shared culture and identity around what it means to be an Earth Regenerator. Together we …Read more

Path to Inca Bridge on the trail to Machu Picchu, Peru …Read more

Cevennes National Park, France …Read more

Dark Forest, Moldova …Read more

I want to begin sharing how we can learn to “activate” the regeneration of entire bioregions…The work of Bioregional Activators is to create real-world impacts on the ground in different …Read more

We simply will not regenerate the Earth without creating a planetary network of integrated landscapes… this is a sobering truth for all of us.A few months ago, the founder of Commonland …Read more

Exploring the Ozarks :: A Bioregional JourneyThe stream you see at the top of this article was my lifeline. I am here because of her clear waters, rippling chimes of natural …Read more

It is time to activate a planetary network of bioregional learning centers… engaging at least 100 in the next year.Earth Regenerators turns three on December 29th… and we have come such …Read more

First published in Kosmos Journal in 2018Continue reading on Medium » …Read more

Senescence in Skin Aging — How Qualia Senolytic May Support Skin YouthfulnessWhat is Cellular Senescence?Cellular senescence is a state of irreversible growth arrest that turns functional cells into “zombie cells”-cells that are …Read more

What is the Vagus Nerve?The Vagus nerve is one of the most important nerves of the human body. The Vagus is the tenth cranial nerve, one of the set of twelve …Read more

OpenCollective is a financial & legal toolkit for grassroots communities. It’s awesome! We’re using it to transparently collect & spend money in the Microsolidarity Network.Anyone who contributes to our fundraising …Read more

Transcontextual Learning and ‘Healing’Continue reading on Medium » …Read more

Here is a link to the new Ready-ing paper published in the journal of Systems Reseach and Behavioral Science.Continue reading on Medium » …Read more

How Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Promotes Neural Plasticity — A Q&A With Molly Maloof, MDMolly Maloof, MD is here to share with us the neuroscience behind using psychedelic-assisted therapy to support trauma healing and promote …Read more

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