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About Us

The interesting part of About Us – as it related to this site – is what appears on the Home and Mission/Support pages – but here’s a bit more personal background.

You’ve probably figure out by now that it’s just one person: the use of “us” is something of a conceit.

My name is Alex Goodall, and I live and work in Oxford. You can read more on the sister site to this one (explained below).

Given my skills and interests and spare time courtesy of Covid-19, building this site seemed like the right thing to do at the time I started (late March 2020); it still seems like the right thing to be doing; and I’m expecting it to continue to be the right thing to continue doing. There’s a LOT more to be done, including adding MANY more people and organizations and books etc., and a lot of new features.

Sadly, that’s not going to happen unless I can raise a chunk of funding to pay for an expert developer to add the functionality. That’s because my time availability to do this has been taken over by a sister project to this one which I believe has to take priority. It’s called Relevant Education.

Do get in touch or make contact if you’re interested in what I’m doing – especially if you think there may be synergy with your own interests. Use contact at

As I said, there’s bit more detail about me on the bio section of the sister site (Relevant.Education). Also, there’s my LinkedIn profile, and I once looked like this:

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