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About Us

The interesting part of About Us is what appears on the Home and Mission/Support pages.

But you may also be curious to know who or what is behind this site, and is there some hidden agenda lurking within. I’ll come on to the hidden agenda in a moment, but first, the “who or what”.

You’ve probably figure out by now that it’s just one person: the use of “us” is something of a conceit. (I could make some stupid reference to my multiple personalities, but it would be too cute by half to even refer to that.)

My name is Alex Goodall, I live and work in Oxford (a multi-generation native, not an academic import) and along with my wife, I’ve brought up and dispatched three offspring.

My career has involved computer technology, knowledge management and, most recently, digital marketing – including some web development. Like most boomers, I’ve also dabbled for decades in a lot of that “other stuff” – the “whats-it-all-about-and-why” stuff.

If you were hoping for more impressive credentials or achievements, I’m sorry. That’s all I’ve got. That rather pedestrian background, together with the temporary availability of extra free time courtesy of Covid-19, are the only qualifications I can offer to justify developing this site. That and the fact that I enjoy doing it!

Given my skills and interests, it seemed like the right thing to do at the time I started (late March 2020); it still seems like the right thing to be doing; and I’m expecting it to continue to be the right thing to continue doing.

There’s a bit more of my history on my LinkedIn profile, but if you dig deeper online, just bear in mind that I’m the Alex Goodall that isn’t a Dr, and I once looked like this:

Finally, the hidden agenda.

Part of how I justify this work to myself (according to Gregg Henrique’s Justification Hypothesis, we’re all driven by justifications of one type or another) is that I’m hoping eventually to be able to kick off another project on the back of I conceived of the idea for this other project around 2005, but have done nothing since. I’m now calling this future project Relevant Education, but originally I’d called it The Life Learning Project, or TLLP for short. 🙂

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