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New Ways of Working: The Hits

By Mark Eddleston and originally published in July 2022 at

This newsletter is approaching two years old already, and there have been quite a few hits! With so many new subscribers, and because some popular editions may have been buried in your busy inboxes, I thought it would be helpful to share the posts that have proved most popular and helpful so far.

So dig into whichever sounds most appealing to you, share any favourites with your team, and #DoTryThisAtWork!

Understanding Complexity & Organisations (article)

Management is much simpler when we understand the nature of the system we are working with.

Circle Meetings (meeting structure, step-by-step guide)

Imagine a meeting with no interruptions, no passengers, and no one voice dominating… 😍 With circle meetings, you don’t have to imagine![…]

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