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Integrating Principles and Practices for Healthy Power-Sharing with Cecile Green

Enlivening Edge Magazine Editor’s note: Cecile Green will be the featured Storyteller in the Deepening Our Resonance conversation among Enlivening Edge Community Hub members on February 1. She’ll share her personal journey of studying power and how to distribute it. Click here to join the Hub by January 30.

See also her EE Magazine article on navigating Founder’s Syndrome.

Originally published on YouTube

There are so many of us attempting to move our world to a healthier place, and even with the growing networks, we remain not only largely uncoordinated but are also having to split our precious attention resources across multiple platforms, principles and methods.

What if we could unite our efforts and through synthesis and research create a learnable set of practices that reliably work to enable cooperation and practically unite our efforts through research and application?[…]

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