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Tony Seba
Author | Educator | Investor | Entrepreneur | Co-founder of RethinkX
Author | Educator | Investor | Entrepreneur | Co-founder of RethinkX
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Based on Tony’s website:

Tony Seba is a world-renowned thought leader, author, speaker, educator, angel investor and Silicon Valley entrepreneur.

He is the author of mulitple Amazon best-selling books. Of most relevance to TLLP is his co-authorship of “Rethinking Humanity: Five Foundational Sector Disruptions, the Lifecycle of Civilizations, and the Coming Age of Freedom”.

He has been featured in several movies and documentaries including Bloomberg’s Forward Thinking: A Sustainable World, 2040, and SunGanges. He is recipient of many awards including the Savvy Award (2019), Solar Future Today’s Visionary Influencer Award (2018), and Clean Energy Action’s 2017 Sunshine Award. He is the creator of the Seba Technology Disruption Framework™ (download PDF).

His work focuses on technology disruption, the convergence of technologies, business model innovation, organizational capabilities and product innovation that leads to the creation of new industries and societies and the collapse of existing ones.


Disruption. Implications. Choices.

Think tank on technology-driven disruption and its implications across society.


Note the final phrase in their Vision: “to create the foundation for a new operating system for humanity”

Alongside their excellent predictive track record,
the recognition that humanity needs a new ‘operating system’,
not just cooler technology, separates ReThinkX from other think-tanks.

Commentary by TLLP

From their website:

What We Do

RethinkX is an independent think tank that analyzes and forecasts the speed and scale of technology-driven disruption and its implications across society. We produce impartial, data-driven analyses that identify pivotal choices to be made by investors, business, policy and civic leaders.


To facilitate a robust global conversation about the threats and opportunities of technology-driven disruptions, and highlight choices that could lead to a more equitable, healthy, resilient and stable society.


RethinkX’s framework, models and analyses help leading decision makers in finance, business, technology and government make better informed decisions to create the foundation for a new operating system for humanity.

About the project

We focus on understanding the dynamics and the systemic nature of disruption across key market sectors.

RethinkX uses the Seba Technology Disruption Framework™ to capture the interactions between technology, business models and market forces to forecast the scope, speed and scale of technology-driven disruption and its implications across key market sectors.


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Clean Disruption – Why Conventional Energy & Transport will be Obsolete by 2030 – Boulder June 2017
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Clean Disruption Interview – US Embassy Wellington, New Zealand
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Clean Disruption: Why Conventional Energy and Transportation will be Obsolete by 2030
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Five Foundational Sector Disruptions, the Lifecycle of Civilizations, and the Coming Age of Freedom
We are on the cusp of the fastest, deepest, most consequential transformation of human civilization in history...

Required reading.

A free download is generously available on the ReThinkX site,
but please consider purchasing the book to support their work.

Commentary by TLLP

We are on the cusp of the fastest, deepest, most consequential transformation of human civilization in history, a transformation every bit as significant as the move from foraging to cities and agriculture 10,000 years ago. During the 2020s, key technologies will converge to completely disrupt the five foundational sectors that underpin the global economy, and with them every major industry in the world today. In information, energy, food, transportation, and materials, costs will fall by a 10x or more, while production processes an order of magnitude more efficient will use 90% fewer natural resources with 10x-100x less waste. The knock-on effects for society will be as profound as the extraordinary possibilities that emerge. For the first time in history, we could overcome poverty easily. Access to all our basic needs could become a fundamental human right. But this is just one future outcome. The alternative could see our civilization collapse into a new dark age. Which path we take depends on the choices we make, starting today. The stakes could not be higher.


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Tony Seba is keynoting today at #REvision2021, a webinar on “A New Energy Future — 10 Years From 3.11” organized by Renewable Energy Institute (REI) in #Tokyo. The session is live now. You can register for free via the link below. #RethinkingTheFuture 自然エネルギー財団は、「REvision2021:3.11から10年ー新しいエネルギーの未来を目指す」を2021年3月10日(水)にオンラインで開催いたします。 Renewable Energy Institute will host the “REvision2021: 10 Years from 3.11 – A New Energy Future” as …Read more
Is an electric power system that is composed only of solar, wind and batteries (SWB) possible by 2030, and how much will it cost? Find out in Tony Seba’s latest video. #RethinkingEnergy #CleanDisruption This presentation forms part of the Joint Declaration recently published by the Global 100% RE Strategy Group. Sign the declaration here: https://global100re… …Read more
Tomorrow at 9:15am ET Tony Seba is speaking at Geotab Connect about clean disruption and the future of transportation. Register to watch the live webcast here: …Read more
At RED Talks in Vancouver, Tony Seba Presents “Rethinking Cities 2020-2030: The On-Demand Autonomous Electric Disruption of Transportation.” The time is now to decide what kind of city you want to be. …Read more
Conventional car manufacturers aren’t just building autonomous and electric vehicles as a one-to-one substitute for ICEVs; they are completely rethinking the way the car itself is designed, manufactured and used. An autonomous driving electric vehicle may not take to the sky any time soon but could one day start to look a bit like The Jetsons’ flying car – a …Read more
Watch Tony Seba and Afshin Molavi discuss technology disruptions and a new direction towards a cleaner, sustainable future. …Read more
Technological disruptions in solar power, battery storage, electric and driverless cars are creating a brave new world – and a new direction towards a cleaner, sustainable future. Join our Facebook Live tomorrow to learn about sustainability and the future economy on May 24 at 10:30 am ET. …Read more
The U.S. solar industry employs more people in electric power generation than oil, nuclear, gas, and coal combined. The industry put twice as many people to work last year than its fossil-fuel counterpart …Read more
Nissan to offer solar + battery storage + EV. Power your car with your house and power your house with your car. This is clean disruption! The maker of the Leaf is now offering UK homeowners rooftop solar panels and big batteries for a clean ride from generation to acceleration. …Read more
In under 4 months a Tesla grid battery which accounts for just 2% of capacity in ancillary services grabbed 55% market share while slashing prices (and potential fossil fuel revenues) by 90%. This is clean disruption at work! Tesla big battery accounts for just 2% of capacity in South Australia’s ancillary services market, but in just four months it has …Read more
Great article analyzing the real cost of installed residential solar by 2020. At 2.5 c/kWh solar self-generation would provide the cheapest electricity rates in the world! ASU energy security researcher Dr. Wesley Herche and pv magazine author John Weaver describe the new math involved with requiring solar power to be installed at the time of construction for newly b… …Read more
U.S. developers installed more than 2,100 megawatts of commercial and other non-residential solar projects in 2017, up 28 percent from the previous year. Now large companies are adding batteries, too. …Read more
According to The U.S. Energy Information Administration, solar more than doubled 2016-2017, generating more electricity than oil sources. The recently updated EIA data shows an increasingly diverse mix. …Read more
The end of the ICE Age is coming. Tony Seba took the stage at rEVolution 2018 in Amsterdam to share a tale of two technological disruptions in cleantech that we are currently living through and a look at the adoption curves that he believes map out the next few years for them. We dive in below. …Read more
94% of new utility generation in the U.S. in Q1 2018 was solar and wind. Wind and solar dominated new electric capacity commissioned in the first three months of 2018 – even before you count behind-the-meter installations. …Read more
Porsche sets goal for electrified models to be 50% of sales by 2025, doubling the figure they predicted just last month. Porsche set one of the industry’s most aggressive targets for selling plug-in hybrid and battery-powered cars, predicting the vehicles will make up as many as half of its deliveries by 2025 in a sign the shift to electric models …Read more
CEO of Proterra predicts battery-electric buses will be 100% of new transit sales by 2030. Urban transit is the EV sweet spot. …Read more
The program for Intersolar has been announced and Tony Seba will be keynoting the Opening Ceremony along with Dr. Elaine Ulrich, senior advisor for strategy in the solar office at the U.S. Department of Energy. Intersolar and ees North America, the premier solar and energy storage events in North America, unveiled the full program of sessions, workshops and special offsite …Read more
The 2020s will be the most technologically disruptive decade in history. See Tony Seba’s opening keynote from the 70th annual Conference On World Affairs. ‘Rethinking the Future – Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation’ is Tony Seba’s opening keynote at the 70th annual Conference on World Affairs in Boul… …Read more
With autonomous electric vehicles and transportation as a service, owning a car will indeed “go the way of paying for cable television or having a home phone.” A growing number of consumers are foregoing car ownership thanks to the accessibility of car- and ride-sharing services. …Read more
Watching the S-curve of battery-electric buses in China: As battery costs fall, upfront costs for electric buses decline, driving demand and clean disruption. Thanks, China. …Read more
Lyft moves toward transportation as a service, citing climate motivations. Ultimately, however, economics must drive this clean disruption. He has his work cut out for him. …Read more
“Self-driving-car advocates say that in addition to helping the disabled, the vehicles will allow people to do other tasks while driving and make roadways safer by removing human error.” #CleanDisruption #AEVs #TaaS #By2030 #USA New research conducted outside of the auto industry aims to develop data and software to ensure that the needs of the blind are met when autonomous …Read more
RT @caliculaminus: @Bahnschranken @greenpeace_de @fdp @Bundeskanzler @fdpbt @Porsche @TayCan Die Steinzeit ist nicht aus Mangel an Steinen zu Ende gegangen. @tonyseba …Read more
Basado en nuestro trabajo en geografías tan diversas como Alaska, India y Alemania, creemos que casi cualquier región puede hacerlo. 🇪🇸🇲🇽🇦🇷🇻🇪🇨🇱🇵🇷- etc. 🌐 …Read more
#Berlin kann es schaffen, bis 2030 #klimaneutral zu werden! ☀️ 🦋 🔋 Keine technologischen Durchbrüche oder Wunder sind nötig, stattdessen: Freisetzung von Finanzmitteln, #Unternehmergeist, #Kreativität und #Optimismus: dies wirkt wie eine Gravitationskraft von oben nach… …Read more
It is possible for #Berlin to become #ClimateNeutral by 2030! ☀️🦋🔋 No technology breakthroughs or miracles needed, instead: Unleash finance, #EntrepreneurialDrive, #Creativity and #Optimism that will act as gravity in a bottom-up, emergent process to drive change.… …Read more
Unser politisches Strategiepapier “#Germany’s Path To #FreedomEnergy by 2030” ist ab sofort auch in deutscher Übersetzung verfügbar. “#Deutschland kann eine weltweite Vorreiterrolle einnehmen, indem es ein völlig unabhängiges, sauberes #Energiesystem entwickelt – zum Nulltarif.”… …Read more
RT @c4chaos: what a shocker. @Tesla has been following @tonyseba’s playbook 🤷🏻‍♂️ Tesla revealed the future of the world, and nobody noticed… @theevking …Read more
RT @PraeterMortalis: @dictionaryhill @EricSiebert9 @tonyseba This event can be summed up, bluntly and crudely, based on all of @tonyseba presentations as: “Fucking. Called. It.” If you’ll excuse my mean words. …Read more
I recently had the great pleasure of chatting with @bobbyllew about #Disruption and #TheGreatTransformation that’s coming. You can listen to the full episode via @FullyChargedShw now! 🎙️ …Read more
RT @FullyChargedDan: Some of you (like me) will look forward to this… …Read more
RT @rethink_x: In our groundbreaking 2019 report ( we coined the term “precision fermentation” which became the industry standard for this new technology. Today, the first precision fermentation trade association was created: the Precision Fermentation Alliance …Read more
The pleasure was all mine, @bobbyllew. Great chatting after all these years. Looking forward to the published episode on the @FullyChargedShw! 🎙️ …Read more
RT @bobbyllew: After an hour talking with Tony Seba, I need a lie down in a dark room. He is incredible, his insights are legendary, the challenges he gently presents to incumbent industries (automotive-oil-gas) are ground shaking. Huge privilege for me to get a chance to chat with him. …Read more
Yes — @Toyota USA unit sales plan for 2030 = 15% EVs 🔋 & 85% horses 🐴 …Read more
In my 2014 book #CleanDisruption, I said the #disruption of #energy and #transportation “will be swift; it will be over by 2030. Maybe before.” @CarbonBubble says that the UK car market is on track for just that. 🇬🇧 …Read more
RT @Protons4B: @TonySeba foresees changes in oil, gas and automotive industries that will bring climate benefits, but which will involve phenomenal disruption across society. They will be resisted furiously by those with vested interests in the status quo. …Read more
RT @c_nelloms: @tonyseba and his team wrote multiple books and published materials to help us see what the immediate future could look like. Here is my daily reminder they are all free and you should read them. …Read more
RT @tonyseba: @ZacharySisson3 @ParikPatelCFA I talk about the #FoodAsSoftware model that will allow scientists, food designers, and molecular chefs to develop #food like we develop smartphone apps. Individualized nutrition, where specific proteins, fibers, and vitamins are developed on-demand to match specific requirements. …Read more
In #RethinkingTransportation (2017) by @rethink_x, we wrote on p.62: “In some ways, semi-autonomous vehicles are already safer than human drivers. […] A 40% yearly improvement rate […] means that AVs will be 5x safer than human-driven vehicles by 2020, and 10x safer by 2022.” …Read more
I predicted this in my 2014 book #CleanDisruption, not just for #Germany, but for all markets. At the time, some called me insane, but like I said then: The bulk of the #ICEV #disruption would be fast & happen in the 2020s; not 2040s/2050s as mainstream analysts were suggesting. …Read more
#CleanDisruption by 2030! ☀️ 🔋 🚘 🇩🇪 …Read more
RT @c_nelloms: “The individually owned car fleet in the US will shrink by 80% by 2030.” – @tonyseba …Read more
RT @rethink_x: “There has never been greater cause for optimism about the future of the environment or about the future of humanity” Get the new book by RethinkX’s Adam Dorr (@adam_dorr) Brighter: Optimism, Progress, and the Future of Environmentalism …Read more
#PrecisionFermentation is used to produce cosmetics like #HumanCollagen, squalene, hyaluronic acid, as well as medication incl. insulin, IGF-1 etc. What is an #AgeOfFreedom for humanity if “your friend” doesn’t have a full head of hair? 😳 Sounds like a startup opportunity! 📈 …Read more
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