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Theo Dawson
Theo Dawson
Founder and Executive Director, Lectica | Award-winning educator | Scholar
Founder and Executive Director, Lectica | Award-winning educator | Scholar
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From Theo’s LinkedIn profile:

I’m the CEO of Lectica®, Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to helping the world think better by producing and distributing sophisticated learning tools that support the kind of learning that matters. 

Our non-profit mission is to deliver our learning tools free of charge to individual K-12 teachers everywhere. We support this mission through donations and our for-profit arm, the Developmental Testing Service (DTS). All of the profits from DTS are donated to Lectica.

Lectica makes diagnostic and formative learning tools for schools, colleges, and the workplace. These tools measure how well people work with their knowledge in real-world contexts, identify “what comes next”, and provide personalized learning recommendations. 

It’s taken over 20 years and a fair bit of struggle to develop the technology and methods we use here at Lectica. For me, it’s a sandbox. But I do have a bit of a life outside of the “nonprofit that owns me”. I have 3 children and 3 grandkids to play with, and I spend a fair bit of time on the trail, on my bike, or in the garden.


Changing the way the world learns

In school, you learned right answers. In ViP you'll find your own answers.


From the website:

At Lectica, we’ve developed a sophisticated new technology that’s built around a powerful evidence-based learning model. This technology allows us to accurately diagnose people’s learning needs, then provide personalized learning recommendations that support robust learning—a kind of learning that is not only efficient and immediately useful but also helps build the skills and dispositions required for a lifetime of learning and development. 


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