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James Lindsay
James Lindsay
Founder of New Discourses | Author | Political Commentator
Founder of New Discourses | Author | Political Commentator
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From the New Discourses website:

James Lindsay is an American-born author, mathematician, and political commentator, Dr. Lindsay has written six books spanning a range of subjects including religion, the philosophy of science and postmodern theory.


New Discourses
New Discourses
Pursuing the light of objective truth in subjective darkness


Derived from the website;

The purpose of New Discourses is to meet the need that the problem of political alienation and homelessness has created. It is especially for those who feel like they’ve been displaced from their political homes because of the movement sometimes called “Critical Social Justice” and the myriad negative effects it has had on our political environments, both on the left and on the right. It is a place where dialogue is possible and encouraged, regardless of differences in politics, aiming to be responsible with our speech and thought while not feeling fettered by restrictions of political correctness in any of its myriad manifestations. It also hopes to inspire dialogue—both new ways to discuss old topics and new conversations in their own right.

New Discourses is not interested in conservative, progressive, left, right, center, or any other particular political stances. It is, in this regard, only broadly liberal in the philosophical and ethical stance. 



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Playing for Team Human today, authors of Cynical Theories, Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay.Pluckrose, Lindsay, and Rushkoff discuss the origins of French postmodernism and how it trickled into academic research …Read more
Gonna find out over the coming few months that a lot of people who you’d never have expected it about are bigly into Esoteric cult practices. Lots and lots of “conservative Christians” among them. Watch. …Read more …Read more
One difference between Mao’s thought reform prisons and social media is that Mao’s CCP sent you to the prison while you sign up for a similar experience on social media in pursuit of having a voice. The tyranny of this century will be voluntary for a long time. You don’t have to participate, but almost everyone does, so life will …Read more
Because he’s been exposed, he can avoid all the evil he has done because they can blame the exposers. Exactly what I’ve been saying today, innit? …Read more
My take: whatever your expectations are about this, lower them. …Read more
Why does Balenciaga’s apology note for allowing pedo stuff invoke sustainability and diversity? Something something blood of the lamb something. …Read more
Question for Woke school administrators: By what means will you be able to discern between “queer educators” and, on the other hand, degenerates and groomers? This isn’t a joke. What’s the mechanism? Queer Theory exists to erase any such criteria. …Read more
Because Leftists fundamentally cannot understand legitimacy, any institution or hierarchy they colonize will delegitimize itself. …Read more
They’re going to fight me on gnosis and Hermeticism, and so they’ll be exposed. …Read more
Begotten: 1) Mineral 2) Vegetable 3) Animal 4) Human 5) Etheric 6) Astral 7) Spirit Self-begotten (Christ): Eighth Sphere Unbegotten (ALL): Ninth Sphere Some people believe this and think it’s their sacred duty to force humanity through it. Brb, gotta plug my computer in with an Ethernet cable so I can get in the Metaverse. …Read more
ESG, SEL, SDGs …Read more
Competition has two forms: positive and negative. In positive competition, competitors try to improve themselves to win. In negative competition, they try to cut down their opponents instead of bettering themselves. …Read more
IOW, Twitter pivoted to medical Lysenkoism after interfering in an election. “Yes,” one employee wrote, “we absolutely plan to do this in 2021 – with the timeline being ‘as soon as possible.” …Read more
You’re getting sucked into a fake debate (in the wizard’s circle) about whether or not “climate change” (controlled term) is real. You can avoid it by saying the Climate Doomsday Theories are definitely not real, and the proposed solutions are tyranny. …Read more
This is exactly why I’ve been urging people to stop only asking “what is a woman?” and begin to also ask “what is a trans woman?” Try to answer without invoking the obvious. …Read more
Always has been. We’re all just very late to realizing it. …Read more
The Bill of Rights …Read more
Getting curious about if the Twitter files are a limited hangout. …Read more
RT @AsiansLiberty: Taiwan is the last bastion of the nationalist Republic of China government overthrown when the CCP came to power in 1949. …Read more
RT @scarlett4kids: Public schools and universities are bootcamps for @TheDemocrats, from which the woke infantry and officer class emerge. …Read more
RT @bac37: 👀 I remember a certain communist dictator seizing land/farms to stop starvation. How’d that end? Seize property to build wind and solar farms, says JP Morgan chief …Read more …Read more
RT @XVanFleet: When revolution spin out of control… A little history lesson for those busy cheering for Trump’s indictment. Song Binbin was the icon of Red Guards, who had the honor to put Red Guard arm band on Mao & who participated in the killing of her school principal in the name of… …Read more
Glad to see more people talking intelligently and accurately about the Lysenkoism of our time. Gender Lysenkoism is one facet of Medical Lysenkoism is a part of the Lysenkoism for a “sustainable and inclusive future.” …Read more
RT @LoganLancing: Man, oh man. Sometimes zee real stakeholders develop a consciousness you weren’t counting on. …Read more
RT @azwomenofaction: The AZ Department of Education is taking action to end a nationwide push that would lead to more state control and less parental control. Other states will hopefully follow. AZWOA thanks @kellyske, @ConceptualJames, @iamlisalogan, @deb_fillman for their research & shared info. …Read more
Hahaha …Read more
Haha no one does. He complains about it all the time. …Read more
I’m not the sick fuck in this story …Read more
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RT @BucMon21: Read the highlighted area. If states get lower borrowing rates because they are heavy into ESG, it probably applies to corporations and their access to money too. The Corporate Equality Index pushing the Rainbow Mafia in all their products is part of the ESG racket. …Read more
RT @BasedSolutions1: Please read this thread. 🧵 This answers so many questions that I’ve had. …Read more
Another Corporate Equality Index story that people don’t realize is a Corporate Equality Index story, more than likely. …Read more
RT @Oilfield_Rando: 🧵🧵🧵 …Read more
RT @ConceptualJames: Want to know why Bud Light is teamed up with Dylan Mulvaney? It’s not hard to explain. …Read more
Everything. Stolen freedom of movement is obviously number one, but also stolen time as we become fully dependent on mass transit, which is frequently far slower, especially on the surface. Communists love to reduce efficiency and waste people’s time, like bread lines. …Read more
Yes, we do. …Read more
RT @CVSchuyler: “They’re under the threat of a mafia, like every major corporation in the ESG economy.”‼️ …Read more
RT @MattWalshBlog: There were a number of trans people in the audience tonight and I ended my speech speaking directly to them. The truth is that I’m actually trying to help these people, unlike all of those who “affirm” them …Read more
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Woke math New Zealand …Read more
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