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Robert Cobbold
Robert Cobbold
Founding Editor at Conscious Evolution | change strategist | philosopher | transformative educationalist
Founding Editor at Conscious Evolution | change strategist | philosopher | transformative educationalist

From Rob’s LinkedIn profile:

Robert Cobbold is a change strategist, philosopher and public speaker who has delivered transformative educational experiences to over 40,000 students and educators worldwide.

Director of business development at kindness social network

Program Manager of a nationwide environmental education program at Green Schools Project.

Part of a celebrity-led campaign Farms Not Factories which reached over 130M people, and the civic communication platform WHIP.

Set up my own business teaching bridge to young people in London called SLAM!

Worked as a private tutor for top London tutoring agencies, including stints in India, China and around the UK.


Conscious Evolution
Conscious Evolution
The new evolutionary paradigm

A new phase in the evolution of life on earth has begun


Conscious Evolution includes a truly excellent series of relatively short videos by Rob Cobbold intertwining evolution, psychology, sociology and spirituality. They are readily accessible to newcomers to these ideas, and the approach aligns remarkably well with the overall ethos and purpose of this site.

Commentary by TLLP

Part of the “Manifesto” (by John Stewart) on the website:

A new phase in the evolution of life on earth has begun

In this new phase evolution will be driven intentionally, by humanity.  The evolutionary worldview that emerges from an understanding of our role in the new phase has the potential to transform the nature of human existence.

At present humanity is lost.  We don’t know what we are doing here.  We are without a worldview that can point to our place and purpose in the universe and that can also withstand rational scrutiny.

But this difficult period is coming to an end.  The emergence of the new evolutionary worldview is beginning to lift us out of the abyss.  The new worldview has a unique capacity to reveal who we are and what we should be doing with our lives.  It relies solely on scientific knowledge and reason to identify our critical role in future evolution.  The evolutionary worldview can unite us in a great common enterprise, and provide meaning and purpose for human existence.

At the heart of the evolutionary worldview is the fact that evolution has a trajectory – it heads in a particular direction. However, evolution on Earth will not advance beyond a certain point unless it is driven consciously and intentionally.  If this transition to conscious evolution does not occur, evolution on this planet will stall, and humanity will not contribute positively to the future evolution of life in the universe—we will be a failed evolutionary experiment.


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