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Emil Ejner Friis
Emil Ejner Friis
Co-founder of Metamoderna | Theory artist | Wordsmith/Author
Co-founder of Metamoderna | Theory artist | Wordsmith/Author

From the Cocreation Foundation site:

I am a theory artist and wordsmith who is developing a new cultural code to foster social and cultural change towards a more inclusive and listening society.

For the past many years I’ve been working as a writer and developmental editor. I’m one of the co­-founders of the think tank project Metamoderna and have helped the great Hanzi Freinacht publish The Listening Society: A Metamodern Guide to Politics, Book Two (2017) and its sequel, Nordic Ideology (2019).

I have also been working as a developmental editor for the writer, philanthropist and ex­financier Tomas Björkman on the books Världen vi skapar (2017) and the new and updated English language edition titled The World We Create (2019). Currently, I’m working on a new secret book project together with Hanzi Freinacht and his close ally Daniel Görtz.


Cocreation Foundation
Cocreation Foundation
Building an ecology of change to cocreate our future

Cocreating solutions of peaceful and abundant coexistence


Extracted from the “Mission Statement” on their website:

Cocreation is fundamentally diverse and multi-faceted, it allows for and encourages diverse logics, standpoints and solutions. It is an integral and pluralistic practice. The new quality of solutions will reveal itself in being manifold, adoptive, evolutionary and generative. These solutions will be developed, owned and cared for by diverse human and morethan-human communities. The Cocreation Foundation believes that our survival and that of the earth in positive coexistence is a question of learning and developing this cultural technique of deep cocreation. And with deep cocreation we mean not just humans being creative together. It means being creative in the context of the world we are living in, it means being informed and inspired by the world around us, it means immersing into a dynamic process of all that is, to find solutions that do not only work for some of us, but for all of us and our non-human kin alike.

It is the Cocreation Foundation’s goal to develop the theoretical, methodological and practical aspects of this cultural technique of cocreation. To reach this goal our mission is to empower as many people, communities and their diverse interrelating networks in the shortest possible time to grow their potential to positively cocreate solutions of peaceful and abundant coexistence in open, transparent processes that are alive.

This short video provides a helpful short explanation of what is meant by cocreation.


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