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Jeff Saltzman
Jeff Salzman
Founder, The Daily Evolver
Founder, The Daily Evolver

Jeff is honored to have worked for three years with his hero, Ken Wilber, in developing the Integral Institute, and their historic seminars on integral application in business, psychology and spirituality.

He is on the Board of Steve McIntosh’s (his other integral hero) think tank, The Institute for Cultural Evolution.

He is co-founder of CareerTrack Training, an adult education company he and his partner built into an international organization producing 3000+ seminars annually, and employing 300+ people.

Jeff co-founded Boulder Integral (now The Integral Center, under the leadership of Robert McNaughton), a bricks and mortar center for integral study and practice, drawing people from all over the world.

A long-time practitioner in several spiritual traditions, Jeff has taught meditation and led many retreats. He has a Masters Degree in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism from Naropa University (2006).


Institute For Cultural Evolution
Institute for Cultural Evolution
Fostering political evolution in America


Based on material on their website:

The Institute for Cultural Evolution (“ICE”) is a nonprofit 501c3 think tank based in Boulder, Colorado. Our mission is to foster political and cultural evolution in America. Our main focus as a think tank is the amelioration of hyper-partisan polarization. 

In furtherance of our mission, corresponding with the 2020 publication of our co-founder’s book, Developmental Politics, ICE is working to help establish a new “politics of culture.” This cultural approach to politics seeks to integrate positive values from across the political spectrum to create effective new forms of agreement. 

ICE is managed by its co-founders Steve McIntosh and Carter Phipps. The think tank’s board of directors includes Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, Daily Evolver podcast host Jeff Salzman, and serial tech entrepreneur John Street.

Founded in 2013, ICE’s political position is neither left, nor right, nor centrist. We do not undertake lobbying efforts or back political candidates, and we are not associated with any political organization or party. By remaining politically independent, ICE is able to synthesize and harmonize the values and positive goals of both the left and the right. The strategies we use to widen perspectives and integrate politically opposed viewpoints are new and unique. They are based on fresh insights into how worldviews form and how human culture evolves. By clarifying the cultural roots of hyperpolarization, our analysis provides innovative solutions to this “wicked problem.”


The Daily Evolver
The Daily Evolver
Integral Insights Into Politics and Culture

None of us really achieves happiness until all beings achieve happiness. Thus, there is no end of work to do.


The thesis of The Daily Evolver is that life is animated by the power of evolution, inside and out, and that we are riding a geyser of emergence toward a sacred world. In this blog I will make that case or grow trying!

Alas, geyser riding is harrowing and I, like you, plainly see the suffering world. But what we also see is the arc of history, where with all of humanity’s wrong turns and regressions there emerges a clear trajectory of people (in the aggregate) living longer, more peacefully and with more wealth, century by century. A process that is accelerating.

In this view suffering is a call to action. None of us really achieves happiness until all beings achieve happiness. Thus, there is no end of work to do. But, please people, let’s do it with joy in our hearts, because we are on a sacred journey. And considering we crawled out of the mud, we’re doing pretty darn well.

This is what I try to point out on this blog. I am a current events junkie and delight in interpreting emerging politics and culture through a lens of consciousness evolution.

So to make virtue out of passion, I offer The Daily Evolver.


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