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Jim Rutt
Jim Rutt
Game B Thought Leader | SFI Research Fellow studying consciousness and evolutionary artificial intelligence | Host of the Jim Rutt Show Podcast
Game B Thought Leader | SFI Research Fellow studying consciousness and evolutionary artificial intelligence | Host of the Jim Rutt Show Podcast
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Jim has held many senior roles in tech organization, including CEO of Network Solutions, which operated the .com, .net, and .org domain namespaces on the Internet until its acquisition by Verisign in 2000, and was the first CTO of Thomson-Reuters. He was also a past Chairman of the Santa Fe Institute.

He was instrumental in formulating the original ideas behind Game B. He hosts the Jim Rutt Show Podcast.

A fuller bio is available on the Santa Fe site.


GameB Collection
GameB Collection
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This isn’t a formal organization, as such, but a ‘brand’ created by Jim Rutt to provide some uniformity across a collection of discussion and collaboration entities. The name “GameB Collection” is a convenient term created by TLLP.

In particular, there is a large number of Facebook Groups. To see the most up-to-date list of these groups, visit the Facebook Page (see under Web Properties below).


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This is a venue for those people who are clear on the strategic situation and are trying to locate the rest of the team. We are all trying to figure out what to do. Job one – find each other and get organized.


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EP 235 Robin Hanson on Beware Cultural Drift
Published on: 17 Apr 24 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 234 Richard Bartlett on an Experiment in Co-Living
Published on: 9 Apr 24 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 233 Robert Conan Ryan on Seven Ethical Perspectives
Published on: 4 Apr 24 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 232 Matthew David Segall on Process Philosophy and the Origin of Life
Published on: 3 Apr 24 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 231 Vance Crowe Interviews Jim Rutt on AI Risk
Published on: 27 Mar 24 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 230 James Lindsay on a National Divorce
Published on: 12 Mar 24 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 229 Jonathan Rowson on the Antidebate
Published on: 7 Mar 24 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 228 Jeremy Sherman on the Emergence and Nature of Selves
Published on: 5 Mar 24 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 227 Stuart Kauffman on the Emergence of Life
Published on: 29 Feb 24 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

Why Russia Must Lose
Published on: 23 Feb 24 in Jim Rutt – Medium by Jim Rutt

EP 226 Hannah Rosenberg on An Answer to Red Pilldom
Published on: 22 Feb 24 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 225 Bruce Damer on a New Path for Psychedelics
Published on: 20 Feb 24 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 224 Samo Burja on Geothermal Energy
Published on: 13 Feb 24 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 223 Jordan Hall on Cities, Civiums, and Becoming Christian
Published on: 8 Feb 24 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 222 Trent McConaghy on AI & Brain-Computer Interface Accelerationism (bci/acc)
Published on: 7 Feb 24 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 221 George Hotz on Open-Source Driving Assistance
Published on: 6 Feb 24 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 220 Lene Rachel Andersen on Polymodernity
Published on: 30 Jan 24 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 219 Katherine Gehl on Breaking Partisan Gridlock
Published on: 25 Jan 24 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 218 Max Borders on Christopher Rufo’s New Right Manifesto
Published on: 24 Jan 24 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 217 Ben Goertzel on a New Framework for AGI
Published on: 23 Jan 24 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 216 Kevin Dickinson on A Short History of the F-Word
Published on: 11 Jan 24 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 215 Cody Moser on Inequality and Innovation
Published on: 19 Dec 23 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 214 Douglas Rushkoff on Leaving Social Media
Published on: 7 Dec 23 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 213 Robin Hanson on Declining Fertility Rates
Published on: 5 Dec 23 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 212 Joy Hirsch on How the Brain Responds to Zoom
Published on: 30 Nov 23 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 211 Ben Goertzel on Generative AI vs. AGI
Published on: 28 Nov 23 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 210 Frank Lantz on the Beauty of Games
Published on: 20 Nov 23 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 209 C. Owen Paepke on the Purple Presidency
Published on: 7 Nov 23 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 208 Jack Visnjic on Anacyclosis
Published on: 2 Nov 23 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 207 Paul Watson on Adventures in Eco-Activism
Published on: 31 Oct 23 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 206 Ryan Clancy on No Labels
Published on: 26 Oct 23 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 205 Matthew Pirkowski on Time Preference and Cooperation
Published on: 24 Oct 23 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 204 Matt Bennett on the Case Against No Labels
Published on: 19 Oct 23 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 203 Robert Sapolsky on Life Without Free Will
Published on: 17 Oct 23 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

JRS 202 Neil Howe on the Fourth Turning
Published on: 12 Oct 23 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 201 Tobias Dengel on the Age of Voice Technology
Published on: 10 Oct 23 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 200 Brian Chau on AI Pluralism
Published on: 28 Sep 23 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 199 Yascha Mounk on the Identity Trap
Published on: 26 Sep 23 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 198 Cory Doctorow on Seizing the Means of Computation
Published on: 19 Sep 23 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by Jim talks with Cory Doctorow about the ideas in his new book The Internet Con: How to Seize the Means of Computation.

EP 197 Susan Neiman on Why Left Is Not Woke
Published on: 7 Sep 23 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 196 Pamela Denise Long on Affirmative Action for Freedmen
Published on: 24 Aug 23 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 195 Michael R.J. Bonner on Civilization, Collapse, and Renewal
Published on: 22 Aug 23 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 194 Bob Reid on User-Owned Identity
Published on: 17 Aug 23 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 193 Aydan Connor on Rethinking Food Systems
Published on: 20 Jul 23 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 192 David Krakauer on Science, Complexity and AI
Published on: 18 Jul 23 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 191 Alicia Juarrero on Context, Constraints, and Coherence
Published on: 13 Jul 23 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

EP 190 Peter Turchin on Cliodynamics and End Times
Published on: 6 Jul 23 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

Currents 100: Sara Walker and Lee Cronin on Time as an Object
Published on: 5 Jul 23 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

Currents 099: Samuel Scarpino on Preparing for the Next Pandemic
Published on: 27 Jun 23 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

Currents 098: Damien Walter on Science Fiction and the Rhetoric of Story
Published on: 23 Jun 23 in Jim Rutt – Podcast by .

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Jim talks with Robin Hanson about the ideas in his essay “Beware Cultural Drift: Thoughts on modernity’s monoculture mistake.” They discuss drift in fundamental cultural values, the current unprecedented rate of change, boutique …Read more
Jim talks with Richard Bartlett about the ideas in his essay “What we learned from a 3-month co-living experiment.” They discuss Jim’s visit to a co-living house, community & its recent decline, …Read more
Jim talks with Robert Conan Ryan about seven ethical perspectives and why everyone should know them. They discuss why understanding ethical stances is valuable, a horseshoe spectrum, pragmatism, virtue ethics, …Read more
Jim talks with Matthew David Segall about the ideas in his and Bruce Damer’s new essay, “The Cosmological Context of the Origin of Life: Process Philosophy and the Hot Spring Hypothesis.” …Read more
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Jim talks with Stuart Kauffman about the ideas in the recent paper he co-authored with Andrea Roli, “Is the Emergence of Life an Expected Phase Transition in the Evolving Universe?” …Read more
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Jim talks with Kevin Dickinson about the ideas in his recent essay “A Short History of the F-Word.” They discuss the mystery of the F-word’s origins, a damn fucking abbot in the sixteenth century, …Read more
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Embracing tradition will not lead humans to paradise, but embracing strange novelties will often lead them to hell. — @EPoe187 Wisdom is the ability in our broken now to discern non-hellish ways forward. — @jim_rutt …Read more
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🎙️ w/ @eriktorenberg on status. Reputation allocation, beliefs as fashions, therapy as status signal, luxury beliefs, an arms race for crazy ideas, money & beauty, cancel culture as pump-and-dump scheme, the peak & coming decline of wokeness, and more.… …Read more
Sez @HFreinacht “I have come to maintain that the current flood of AI-generated art spells the absolute endpoint of the postmodern arts in the widest sense of that term.”… …Read more
That Douche-Coin dog logo is getting kind of tiresome. @elonmusk try this: …Read more
🎙️ Part 2 w/ @ForrestLandry19 on AI risk. The unknowability of alignment, economic decoupling, developing collective choice-making among humans, care relationships at scale, using tech to correct the damages of tech, institutions vs communities, & more.… …Read more
After reading the Trump indictment and thinking about it overnight, it’s now clear to me what is wrong with the whole premise and why Trump will almost certainly prevail: ALL of the charges are felony upgrades based on the claim that the falsification of business records was for…… …Read more
After reading the Trump indictment and thinking about it overnight, it’s now clear to me what is wrong with the whole premise and why Trump will almost certainly prevail: ALL of the charges are felony upgrades based on the claim that the falsification of business records was for…… …Read more
Just read the Trump indictment. Nothing there but the Stormy stuff. As the analysts say “a novel legal theory”. Seems an unwise move to be bringing such a tenuous case against a politician of the opposite party. …Read more
Very interesting. LangChain hits a sweet spot for using LLMs as part of larger scale orchestrations across multiple systems. Glad they got funding so as to make it a plausible bet for use for serious work.…… …Read more
Got access to Claude today (an older invite expired unused, alas) . On my test question it hallucinated much worse that GPT3.5 about on par with Bard, 9 wrong out of 10: Who are the 10 most prominent guests on the Jim Rutt Show podcast? 📷 Here are the 10 most prominent… Quoted feed from @jim_rutt Got access to Bard. …Read more
Significant: no copyright for machine generated. Quoted feed from @ElunaAI @ElunaAI The full text can be found here:… The TL;DR? If you manipulate the generation significantly with Photoshop or other tools, and put in human labor… it’s valid for copyright. If you just type in a prompt and generate – not so much. …Read more
Anybody seen this? Quoted feed from @SigGravitas Massive Update for Auto-GPT: Code Execution! 🤖💻 Auto-GPT is now able to write it’s own code using #gpt4 and execute python scripts! This allows it to recursively debug, develop and self-improve… 🤯 👇 …Read more
[just a few live tickets left] Let’s debate at MIT! Free! On Tuesday, April 4, 2023, at MIT’s Wong Auditorium (E51-115) a modified Oxford Union-style debate will be held to debate DEI programs. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED:… LIVESTREAM OPTION:…… …Read more
and they make great cheese in Vermont which may be merely coincidental but perhaps not! …Read more
in cognitive science there is a distinction (not necessarily true at the neural level) between episodic and declarative memories. Episodic such as memory of your eating breakfast yesterday. Declarative memory “what is the capital of France; Paris” …Read more
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