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George Por
George Por
President at Campus Co-Evolve | Mentor and strategic learning partner
President at Campus Co-Evolve | Mentor and strategic learning partner

From George’s profile on Community Intelligence:

I’m a mentor and strategic learning partner to visionary leaders in business, government and civil society. I find joy in generative conversations that transforms both parties and leave our lives enriched. I guess that’s the underlying, more personal reason why I founded Community Intelligence, the transformation agency whose site you’re visiting.

I’m also a veteran researcher of “collective intelligence,” “innovation ecosystems,” and “communities of practice,” which are key disciplines for the future of organization design. I’m a faculty member at Meridian University, and my academic posts included the University of Paris, UC Berkeley, INSEAD, and London School of Economics.

But organizational theories interest me only if they can be tested in practice and are improving the lives of people while moving the organization that they work with to its next stage of capabilities. To keep a finger on the pulse of the emergent, next-stage practices, I founded Enlivening Edge, the online magazine that became the go-to place for future-responsive organizational professionals.


Campus Coevolve
Campus CoEvolve
Education for Transformation

A more beautiful and just world


From their website:

The “campus” metaphor signifies a place where people come to learn, gain experience, interact with others, make friends, and initiate projects.

Campus Co-Evolve is a virtual learning environment designed to support the same functions, online. It consists of a rich and evolving set of learning resources and tools, organized around the familiar, spatial metaphor of “campus” with an easy-to-navigate interface. 

They include, for example, live sessions via video conferencing with break-out rooms for small group exchanges, online forums, chats, a Knowledge Garden, sessions in residential retreats in inspiring natural settings, a virtual café, glossaries, and co-creation spaces. All that will allow for various self-organizing forms and unpredictable patterns of collaborative learning to emerge.


Community Intelligence
Community Intelligence
Enabling the next stage of development in people and organizations

How can change-makers become 10x more impactful?


The metanarrative of Community Intelligence:

The more we experience how life is moving through us, the more we long for that experience. It’s almost of “addictive.” Chi and KI are Chinese and Japanese words for the life energy flowing through us. In different ways, it is present in all living systems, including communities and organizations.


When Chi is blocked, we become sick. Our society and organizations are sick when power hierarchies and other man-made constructs block the flow of ideas, inspirations, trust, and value, which wants to be unfettered. The quest for collective intelligence, consciousness, and wisdom, is a sacred quest for removing the cognitive, organizational, economic, and technological barriers to the free flow of Chi in the social body.


The company offers the following services:

  • Collective Intelligence
  • Evolutionary Mentoring
  • Transformative Leadership Communities
  • Strategy for Transformative Innovation
  • Communities of Practice
  • Well-being and Wholeness

Enlivening Edge
Enlivening Edge
Amplifying the evolution of organizations and social systems

Transforming workplaces for the benefit of all


From their website:

Enlivening Edge is an international community of collaborators and Partners drawn together to nourish the growing ecosystem of Next-Stage (including Teal) organizations. We are interwoven in a global vanguard of people and organizations transforming their workplaces for the benefit of all.

Inspired by Frederic Laloux’s book Reinventing Organizations, Enlivening Edge was launched in 2015. It was born through the hands, hearts, and minds of a small but passionate crew and a small seed fund provided by Future Considerations.

The original idea was to create an online publication through which people and organizations by sharing their stories could discover each other, learn about and contact each other, and begin to learn from and collaborate with one another.

Our four main expressions of our Evolutionary Purpose are EE Magazine, EE Community ConversationsEE Facebook Community, and EE’s Event Calendar.


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