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GameB Collection
GameB Collection
A collection of sites related to GameB
A collection of sites related to GameB

This isn’t a formal organization, as such, but a ‘brand’ created by Jim Rutt to provide some uniformity across a collection of discussion and collaboration entities. The name “GameB Collection” is a convenient term created by TLLP.

In particular, there is a large number of Facebook Groups. To see the most up-to-date list of these groups, visit the Facebook Page (see under Web Properties below).


Jim Rutt
Game B Thought Leader | SFI Research Fellow studying consciousness and evolutionary artificial intelligence | Host of the Jim Rutt Show Podcast

Jim has held many senior roles in tech organization, including CEO of Network Solutions, which operated the .com, .net, and .org domain namespaces on the Internet until its acquisition by Verisign in 2000, and was the first CTO of Thomson-Reuters. He was also a past Chairman of the Santa Fe Institute.

He was instrumental in formulating the original ideas behind Game B. He hosts the Jim Rutt Show Podcast.

A fuller bio is available on the Santa Fe site.


Web Properties

Listings for Game~B Family of Facebook Groups

Commentary by TLLP

Game B Collection Facebook Group

Play along. That’s what we do as systems that fortify society fall apart: financial systems, political systems, public educational systems, healthy food systems, the environment, media and markets. What will crack next?

Too impatient to wait for the answer, a team of scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, and investors has joined together to stop playing along and start creating the conditions for a new game to emerge.

Committing to work in honesty and good faith, we are applying our knowledge, creativity, and connectivity to steward an epic historical turn.

Our goal is a society of wellbeing we are proud to call home.

Experimental, pluralistic, and systemic, our approach draws from many sources including complexity and cognitive sciences; advances in economics; and the willingness of social and business entrepreneurs to create new wells of human and financial value. We expect to be humbled. We anticipate surprise.

We hope you will consider joining us.



This is the largest and most general of many FB Groups relating to GameB all under the GameB Home Page FB Page

Commentary by TLLP

Game B Collection Projects Facebook Group

A GameB community group to support each other in GameB experiments and projects and in finding solutions to problems without a project yet.


Game B Collection Conversations Facebook Group

Welcome to this experimental Game ~B game! The rules are simple;

  1. Record a video of you and others having a conversation (can be about anything that seems appropriate).
  2. Post the video to this facebook page with a brief description of topics you tackled together, whether that be in a list or a poster form. If you are struggling with figuring out how to present it you can also contact the admins for any extra help you might need.
  3. Find new conversations with people that you think you’d have an interesting conversation with, exploring others discussion and reaching out expressing what you learned or what you feel you can contribute authentically.

Game B Collection Communities Facebook Group

This group is for those who are creating intentional production communities that exchange their products and services with the world at large. Our aim is to facilitate the sharing of successful models and insights, lessons, resources, and the formation of local teams for those respective projects.

Our Values are:

Systems thinking, holistic
Non-rivalrous, omni-win
Non-dogmatic – Political and religious neutrality
Conviviality & Cooperation
Regional self-sufficiency
Innovative & iterative
Inspirationally aesthetic
Finding the ideal mix of hierarchical & egalitarian
Sovereignty & self-direction
Asymmetric & tangential to Game A.
Everyone finding & operating on their “Ikigai”.
Scalability through localized replication and distributed associations


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