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Tag a Role in Slack

New Feature in GlassFrog

In Holacracy practice, we use roles to give organizational clarity. Roles may have a purpose, accountabilities, or domains. A single person may fill many roles. Or many people may fill a single role!

Good Holacracy practice involves referencing roles when making requests — and considering your role’s purpose when you accept one. (Think: “Hey Bobbie, as Participant Ambassador for Training Events, would it make sense for you to email participants about the venue change?”)

If you’re one of the millions of people using Slack on a daily basis, GlassFrog has a new feature to further support keeping your Holacracy practice on the right track.

Introducing Slack @-Mentions for GlassFrog Roles

You’ve got a request to make for the Website circle. You know the right role. But who fills that role? Are Sara and Markus still co-filling it? No need to even open up GlassFrog and check! Simply start typing “@” and the role name you’re looking for. Each role filler will immediately be notified of your message and know exactly which role the request is for. Easy as pie!

Ready to activate this feature? Here’s how. And if you’re not yet using GlassFrog Premium, take @-mentions for a spin with a 30-day free trial.

Request AND Process

There are more updates in the GlassFrog pipeline to make Slack integration even sweeter. Soon, we’ll roll out the ability to process requests to your role from within Slack AND sync them up with your GlassFrog projects and actions. All in a single keystroke.

We’re testing it here at HolacracyOne to ensure a seamless experience for you, so stay tuned!

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