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This content was posted on  5 Jun 20  by   Peter Limberg – Sexiness, Friendship and Virtue  on  Podcast
Peter Limberg – Sexiness, Friendship and Virtue

Peter is a philosopher and writer from Toronto. His daily journals on are the most read content on the platform, and for good reason; Peter is a brilliant thinker and writer and his vulnerability and openness are inspiring. We’ve become friends and our conversations are quite powerful, if I do say so myself. I think you’ll agree.

We talk about making virtue and philosophy sexy in order to steal the culture. We talk about friendship and brotherhood, its importance in accountability and growth and we talk about gender relations, and how we think the conversation needs to change. We talk about connection and collaboration through ideals and virtues. We talk about a lot more. Enjoy.

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I love you Peter Limberg! Keep crushing it.

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