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Today’s free podcast: Selling Water By the River (Caroline Myss and Ken Wilber)

Today’s free podcast:

Selling Water By the River (Caroline Myss and Ken Wilber)

Caroline Myss, one of the best known (and highly researched) medical intuitives, presents a fast, wild, rich, and rollicking narrative of her personal struggles with spiritual intuition and the dramatic growth and unfolding that often resulted.

Caroline begins with a compelling account of how she came to a fundamental change in her own spiritual understanding and teaching: not that people need to learn how to be more intuitive, but that people are already abundantly intuitive but spend their time trying to deny it. “I am now beginning to believe the you are so intuitive, that‘s the source of your misery. You‘re so intuitive you‘re imploding, so you try to numb yourself to it instead of going with it. Every choice most people make is to block that level of timeless guidance.”

Caroline then focuses on the unfolding of awareness from prepersonal to personal awareness to transpersonal, and, as a dramatic example of the latter, recounts here, for the first time in public in any detail, the ordeal of her own near-death experience. The nature of her realizations and the profound switch in her own teaching are recounted in a riveting tale… accompanied by unrelenting humor and a lightness of being that is simply infectious.

Caroline and Ken go on to explore how the grace of Spirit motivates the teaching impulse, and how a genuine spiritual teacher often isn‘t interested in telling anyone what to do, but rather in sharing the insight that has blessed their lives, laced with a redeeming honesty. Caroline speaks of how, for her, the impulse to share truth is the manifestation of a kind of spiritual contract with God — one which may or may not fit in with your personal life plans: “I think that the nature of contracts is that they are meant to disappoint the ego but fill the soul. And therein lies the intensity of life, which is: this isn‘t what I asked for, but it is what I need.”

With humor and unapologetic enthusiasm, Caroline touches on everything from the hell of unresolved resentment to the joy of renovating her newly acquired 1885 Victorian house. But through it all, Caroline and Ken keep pointing toward a recognition of the always-already free nature of our deepest Self, and away from the superficial light-and-love posturing common in the new-age community.

We hope you enjoy this energetic and unabashed perspective on the trials of life, the glory of Spirit, and why a house can be as satisfying as a baked potato.

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