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This content was posted on  12 May 20  by   Motherfucking Pistachios  on  Podcast
Motherfucking Pistachios

Some people I know threw some pistachio shells on the ground at my local paragliding site. It really pissed me off and sent me down the philosophical rabbit hole of what my relation to the commons should be. Where is an appropriate place to throw a pistachio shell? What is ‘litter’? Why are people still throwing their trash on the ground? What can I do to convince them to stop doing that?

Pistachios are a tree nut from the Middle East and Central Asia. Their shells are very hard and their nutmeat is delicious. They come a really long way to be in your hand and in doing so they bestow upon you a responsibility, a power to wonder what it really means to be a steward, to wonder what your relationship to the commons is. Small nuts but big questions.

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