Curating Content To Support Learning About Humanity's Transition

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Launching a Curation site for GameB and related stuff

I’m working on a site that will “Curate Content To Support Learning About Our Civilization’s Transition”

The aim is to make it valuable to all people working or interested in this area, but especially to help newcomers find suitable resources easily.

I’d like to launch it with lists of resources – people, organizations, books, forums etc. – that are good starting points for those new to these topics.

Rather than rely only on my personal experience, I’d like to include recommendations from others with a good knowledge of the landscape.

I’ve created a short survey to get that input. If you can spare 10 mins, please add your opinions here:

You can read more about the site on the home page:

The aim is to develop it into a lot more than just a collection of resource lists – but that in itself will be a useful resource.

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