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This content was posted on  21 Apr 20  by   Food System Fragility and Human Nature in Crisis – Shane Ward  on  Podcast
Food System Fragility and Human Nature in Crisis – Shane Ward

Shane is a permaculturalist and agriculture consultant, and talking with him changed some of my perspectives on some big topics. In this episode he outlines that without a permanent system of agriculture, one that is truly sustainable, permanent civilization is impossible. We also talk about human nature and how it is typically misconstrued and weaponized against us. We talk about politicized science, the ecological impact of the coronavirus lockdown, which he argues that it is not big, because our agriculture has not been impeded or reformed in the midst of pandemic. Its an amazing talk I hope you enjoy it.

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From Shane’s bio on Action Ecology’s site – “Shane Ward is a regenerative land use & soil health consultant, speaker, teacher and communicator passionate about sustainable food production, ecosystem restoration, plant & soil ecology as well as designing closed-loop systems. Shane brings an international perspective, scientific rigour and pragmatic approach to his work – drawing on innovations from both on-the-ground practitioners and scientific research.

In addition to his consulting work, Shane also enjoys teaching and speaking engagements both locally and abroad and is also actively engaged in getting his hands dirty and developing and experimenting on his own small property, and in the future looks forwards to bringing his expertise to international development work, sustainable food-system design and large-scale land regeneration.

In previous careers, Shane has also worked at a senior level in large FTSE100 organisations as a communications specialist in the financial, banking, property and energy sectors in addition to many years working in Film & Television in creative, technical and business/project management roles.”

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