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How a revolutionary idea was implemented with ease
Eryx cooperative

Case study | As humans embark deeper into the digital age, it is increasingly vital for companies to embrace communication tools, apps, and platforms. Behind almost every successful venture there is a team of software experts.

That’s why companies like Eryx are vital to today’s market. Most organizations don’t have the capacity to build their own software in-house, so Eryx becomes their external team that delivers custom, high-quality software, as well as market research, and consulting.

Eryx is an Argentine company that serves a wide variety of businesses in North and South America.

One of their clients helps renters in Argentina get the backing they need to sign their lease. Another offers customers a way to convert their money to Argentinian pesos, US dollars, and even crypto-currency. The teams at Eryx counsel these organizations on how to best adapt the latest technologies and build them sleek apps with clear and intuitive interfaces that work within the identity of the product.

Developer-founder at Eryx, Luciano Leveroni explains that in the beginning, Eryx was a very small company with only two equal partners. As it grew, they resisted assigning a rank to new employees and opted, instead, for a horizontal structure.

Cooperatives are not very common in Argentina, but for the Eryx team, setting up their business as a cooperative was a no-brainer. It was the best way to define how they’d naturally begun to operate.

One thing that sets Eryx apart is the way the team handles their salaries. Instead of compensating partners based on their job title, they have a 20-step salary scale across all positions. Every 4 months the entire team gathers to decide who will move up in the scale.

“The abilities of everyone are considered equal in cooperative and valued equality. A person who is a designer who is in step six gets paid the same as a developer who is in step six.”

When they were building this unprecedented system, the Eryx team relied on Loomio to organize their discussion and make the final decisions.

Developer-partner Maia Numerosky says that Loomio and other online organizational platforms became essential when the company started to grow.

“I think communication is the most important part of any organization and I was a little worried ours would suffer as we grew.”

Luciano was proactive in seeking out ways to prevent that and is happy that Loomio helps his team keep communication open and transparent amongst their 24 cooperative partners.

He also loves that Loomio is open source, and shares their company’s dedication to equal partnerships.

“When I saw that, I thought, this is the perfect tool for us.”

Luciano hopes Eryx will expand even more in the coming years and is grateful for tools like Loomio that aid in that growth.

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