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Practical guidance for self-organising teams
Practical guidance for self-organising teams
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From The Hum website:

If you are trying to organise in a collaborative team, you may be asking yourself:

  • “How do we include people in decisions without spending so much time in meetings?”
  • “How do we set priorities, distribute tasks and stay aligned on shared goals?”
  • “If we don’t have managers, how do we get feedback, resolve conflict and stay accountable?”

You are not alone! We’ve faced these dilemmas in our own decentralised organisations, and we can help you get unstuck.


Richard Bartlett
Entrepreneur | Writer | Decentralized Organizations | Self-Management | Bottom-up Politics

From the About section on LeanPub:

Richard Bartlett is one of the co-founders of Loomio, an open-source software tool for collaborative decision-making. He’s also a Catalyst at Enspiral: a network of self-organising companies who have been working without bosses since 2010. Most recently he co-founded The Hum, a small consulting company to share practical guidance for decentralised organisations.

He’s passionate about co-ownership, self-management, collaborative governance, and other ways of sneaking anarchism into respectable places.

He is the author of the (work-in-progress) book Patterns for Decentralised Organising


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On January 29th, our friends at Sutra are launching an all new event called the Transformational Learning Summit. They have been designing transformational learning experiences for the last ten years, working with hundreds of organisations and individuals to create online experiences that invite deep connection and conversation. The summit offers a series of conversations with leading experts exploring the power …Read more
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When two or more of our collaborators are ‘full’ in their pain or hurt towards each other, where do they find the capacity to each be heard and understood? . Rather than letting our teammates settle into disconnect and distance, what if one or more of us had the confidence and capacity to step in and help transform the conflict …Read more
Our friend and collaborator @_becomingtogether_ will be sharing her expertise and passion for mediation during our upcoming course: Mediation Skills for Collaborative Teams 4 Live Sessions, starting Dec 4, 6:00 PM CET If you are ready to develop your capacity to respond to conflict and feel confident supporting your collaborators in a difficult conversation or restorative dialogue, and foster a …Read more
It’s so inspiring to have our collaborators bringing their passion and expertise to share with our community of learners. We’d like to introduce you to Jocelyn Ames, who will be hosting our upcoming course on Mediation Skills for Collaborative Teams. Join us to learn how to transform conflict into connection! When this happens, it’s usually because the owner only shared …Read more
Feedback can be hard to hear. Because of the tension between two core needs: learning and being accepted. . Even a benign suggestion can leave you feeling angry, anxious, threatened… Because it can activate psychological triggers. . These are some tips that can help you get ready to receive feedback: . Build your self-awareness and find strategies to cope with …Read more
Remember that time when you had to have a “difficult conversation” with a team member? Your palms were sweaty, heart racing, yet you didn’t know how to initiate the dialogue without sounding like you’re reading a script for a courtroom drama. We’re going to help you approach these conversations with confidence and ease. . We designed this short course to …Read more
So the big question is: how to be effective and inclusive in decision-making? Can we be fast, and fair? Our answer is Yes! In this course we will show you how. Reserve your spot and get ready to supercharge your collaborative decisions! 👉 …Read more
Decisions aren’t one-size-fits-all. High-functioning teams often switch between different decision-making methods depending on the context. Let’s explore these 3 different decision making methods and their differences: 💡 Consensus: the ultimate group agreement 💡 Consent: quick, efficient alignment 💡 The Advice Process: wisdom through consultation Are you ready to learn how to use these methods effectively? And when? And how can …Read more
Did you know that we provide part and full scholarships? Check out our upcoming short courses and if you would like to apply please fill the form on each registration page. Find out more 👉 #collaboration #teameffectiveness #decentralization #collaborativework #futureofwork #collaborationtrainings #organisationaldevelopment #scolarship Upcoming events. Practical guidance for decentralised organisations and self-managing teams. …Read more
We like to use this map to help teams visualise their organisation in terms of time & rhythm, rather than by roles or departments. Check out the example below and make your own or join us for the next two weeks as we delve into each one of the rhythms, blending theory with hands-on activities, making sure you leave with …Read more
Decentralised organisations tend to attract highly autonomous people. But, how do you align a team full of autonomous people? We’ve found it extremely useful to think of team organisation in terms of rhythm, the tempo, the pulses: When do we come together? When do we diverge? Instead of being coordinated by a map, we’re coordinated by the beat. We found …Read more
We are really happy to invite you to our next free session, hosted by Lana Jelenjev – Community Alchemist where we’ll explore what makes a workplace inviting and welcoming for people to engage, contribute, and work collaboratively even when faced with tension or conflict? . Fostering a Culture of Belonging at Work 25th July, 5-6pm CEST, Free exploratory session on …Read more
We have uploaded a new video to our YouTube channel! 🎥 . Follow the link to watch Nati & Helen from our team, discuss task distribution through Dynamic Roles. 👉 . And if you want to learn how to work with this modality don’t miss your chance to sign up for Helen’s upcoming Introduction course next Tuesday, July 11th …Read more
What if we could redesign job descriptions to: ✅ Have clear boundaries and accountabilities ✅ Flex and adapt as situations change ✅ Engage and motivate people ✅ Increase trust and resilience within teams We can have this… if we are genuinely able to offer complete autonomy within clear guidelines. . Join us and other like-minded people to explore how Dynamic …Read more
Helen Triggs from our team shares her thoughts on how to work with Dynamic Roles We invite you to read her whole article here 👉 #team #collaboration #rolesandresponsibilities #organisationaldevelopment #decentralization #teal I have an inkling that a key source of conflict at work is unclear boundaries and unclear accountabilities. The rapid rate of change and increasing uncertainty in the …Read more
We are glad to introduce you to our amazing collaborators and the workshops they are developing to share their knowledge with our community of learners. . Please, meet Helen Triggs and learn about her upcoming course: “Introduction to Dynamic Roles” . In this 2-hour introductory course we will explore how Dynamic Roles can help structure an organisation for more adaptability …Read more
Many people avoid conflict because they have only experienced conflict being poorly handled. But if we begin having experiences in which people navigate conflict skilfully and find more connection on the other side, we find ourselves moving toward conflict, seeing it as an opportunity for positive transformation. . If you are interested in becoming more capable of navigating conflict in …Read more
You’re invited to join our research project. We want to understand more about the collaboration challenges you face at work and how we can help you. We have a lot of new training courses in development so we want to know what we can focus on that will be most helpful for you. If you have 5-10 minutes spare to …Read more
How might we design transformative organisations that can enrich the lives of those we serve? . Change is difficult. As individuals, we deal with change continuously in our lives. It is the same for organisations that we are part of. A global survey conducted by McKinsey revealed a less promising truth: most efforts to fundamentally change the trajectory of an …Read more
If you are curious about change and transformation, don’t miss Lana Jelenjev – Community Alchemist talking about her upcoming courses at The Hum 👉 in our YouTube channel 🎬 Lana Jelenjev explains her upcoming courses:* 2 hours – Introduction: Understanding Change –* 2 weeks – … …Read more
“When we learn to recognize and harmonize the patterns of polarization within ourselves and with others, there is a profound revolution in flow and collaboration. Instead of the destructive complexity of reactivity and blame, we benefit from synergistic complexity. IFS offers one of the clearest maps to understand these patterns.” – Karl Steyaert . Come learn with us and other …Read more
We are really excited about the upcoming courses our amazing collaborators are hosting! . During April and May, Lana Jelenjev – Community Alchemist will be hosting two interactive workshops to help us explore and understand the journey of change. . Lana is a Filipina, now based in the Netherlands, who designs spaces for “KAPWA” (shared inner selves) to flourish. She …Read more
Come learn about change processes with Lana Jelenjev …Read more
If you are curious about how we might design transformative organisations that can enrich the lives of those we serve, join our upcoming courses hosted by @LanaJelenjev To learn more and register 👉 …Read more
“When we learn to recognise and harmonise the patterns of polarisation within ourselves and with others, there is a profound revolution in flow and collaboration” – Karl Steyaert Check out the different courses that @karlsteyaert will be hosting 👉 …Read more
Join our upcoming events! @karlsteyaert will be hosting three interactive courses for leaders and facilitators, as well as for anyone who wants to better navigate interpersonal team dynamics. For more info: …Read more
Last month we held our annual team retreat. The power of slowing down to just “be together” can often be underestimated. We came back from our retreat humming with new ideas and creativity. Subscribe to our Newsletter to learn about our upcoming news. 👉 …Read more
transparency without literacy is misinformation …Read more
Drew from our team is hosting a 2hr Productivity Workshop! Great for individuals in self-managed or futuristic work places. Learn how to stay on task, wrangle your to-do lists, prioritise what matters, and take care of ourselves along the way. Read more👉 …Read more
RT @cecile_mcm: People have been asking me what those ‘transformational online courses’ I keep referring to are + where they can find them. I’ve just added a ‘learning’ page on my website where I list the ones I recommend + also the ones I’ve heard good stuff about: …Read more
The Doing Better Work Together global online gathering is coming up at the end of November. @RichDecibels will be facilitating a session full of practical methods to develop high trust in teams. Learn more and get your ticket here👉 …Read more
Doing Better Work Together will be a unique online learning and collaboration event for organisational innovators, decentralised network and community builders. 30+ online sessions will run from 28 November – 2 December. Get your ticket here: …Read more
In our latest newsletter we introduced these wonderful humans that work with us: Our Circle of Collaborators 🌟 …Read more
RT @embryosophy: @VividVoid_ @RichDecibels’ course Patterns for Self-Organizing Teams (which he teaches with his partner Nati) is incredible in all the ways. i couldn’t more highly recommend it …Read more
While we are in Colorado, USA for our Microsolidarity Gathering, we will be running a few more sessions open to the public, check them out and join us: 👉 …Read more
We are so excited about our upcoming Microsolidarity Gathering in Denver, CO – Oct 26-29 There are no more available tickets to stay for the night, but we still have some offsite tickets for people that have a place to stay nearby. Get your ticket here: …Read more
Check out our new video series: “Collaboration Clinic” 🎥 …Read more
RT @RichDecibels: this time next month I’m co-hosting a retreat for community organisers in Denver join us if you want to learn how to create spaces for belonging, growth, meaningful work & solidarity only 2 tickets remaining: photo credit: @jputtt …Read more
Onboarding is one of the most important phases of a collaborative relationship. Putting care into how you integrate someone into a team can be the difference between many months of struggle or lovely humming success. Read more about it in this article …Read more
sometimes trust can feel nebulous & vague but it’s not, there’s a clear bright line: if I trust you, I’m willing to leave my comfort zone with you …Read more
our radical culture change assumptions: 1/ the current system is perfectly adapted to its context 2/ blame & shame inhibit culture change 3/ we must take an honest account of the costs & benefits of the current system before we can design improvements …Read more
We are happy to announce that we’ll be running our first IN-PERSON training in Denver, CO this fall! Join us for our 2-day intensive: Patterns for Self-organising Teams We’ll share what we learned from over a decade of working in self-organising teams. …Read more
How can we support each other to build communities of belonging, partnership & purpose? Our Microsolidarity gathering is an opportunity to learn community building skills, and connect with a truly inspiring network. Join us in Denver, USA …Read more
Like your heart keeps a rhythm of filling & pumping, a humming team has its own rhythms: 👆social weaving: connections, trust, vibes, psychological safety ✌️adaptive learning loops: dependable rhythms of experimentation, reflection & iteration Read more – …Read more
“I was telling one of my colleagues yesterday that the 19-month grad program I just finished is packed into your six-week program” crying because this feedback on our online course is so sweet 🥰 …Read more
hey do you know about our 5 moves for getting unstuck in collective decision-making? 1/5: Break the binary binary framing invites polarisation, reframing invites more nuance e.g. instead of “support/oppose”, try “prefer/tolerate/object” …Read more

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