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Center for Applied Cultural Evolution
Center for Applied Cultural Evolution
Imagine the Future of Humanity
Applying insights from cultural evolutionary studies to social problems
Imagine the Future of Humanity
Applying insights from cultural evolutionary studies to social problems
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The Center for Applied Cultural Evolution was created to help communities guide their own social change efforts using integrated social science tools and frameworks. Our mission is to launch a series of Culture Design Labs around systemic challenges ranging from poverty and inequality to climate change and more.

Our unique model is to treat every place where practitioners seek to create positive social change as a field site for applied cultural evolution research — forging partnerships between scientists and change practitioners to analyze, monitor, and guide their efforts with the best scientific tools available. We do this by establishing Culture Design Labs for conducting action research that uses participatory approaches to include those who will be impacted by our programs and interventions.


Joe Brewer
Cultural Evolution Thought Leader | Facilitator of Earth Regenerators | Executive Director at Center for Applied Cultural Evolution

Joe runs the study group Earth Regenerators

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Joe has a unique background in physics, math, philosophy, atmospheric science, complexity research, and cognitive linguistics. Awakened to the threat of human-induced climate disruption while pursuing a Ph.D. in atmospheric science, he switched fields and began to work with scholars in the behavioural and cognitive sciences with the hope of helping create large-scale behavior change at the level of global civilization.

He was an active member of the Center for Complex Systems Research at the University of Illinois studying pattern formation in physical and social systems before joining renowned linguist, George Lakoff, at the Rockridge Institute in Berkeley to analyze political discourse and reveal the structures of meaning in human language.

In 2008, Joe launched the research consultancy Cognitive Policy Works whose mission was to apply insights from cognitive science to social change efforts. It was here that he built up a global network of collaborators in the nonprofit, governmental, and social impact business domains.

He has spoken at many global conferences on the science of social change and the human dimensions of planetary sustainability. And has given workshops on three continents about the workings of the human mind and the strategic tools for designing and enacting positive change in the world.


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Welcome to Our Study Group for Earth Regeneration
Published on: 23 Dec 19 in Center for Applied Cultural Evolution – Website by admin

This discussion forum will be where we host conversations about Earth regeneration. An email list was created to receive updates about this study group — which is open to the …Read more
Would you like to join us for our first in-person event in Barichara? It will take place October 3-7th and focuses on the weaving together of regenerative finance and landscape restoration at the territorial scale. Go here to learn more and register: Watch this short video here? Are We Doing at ReFi Barichara?youtu.beCome join us at #ReFi Barichara …Read more
Learn how we are creating a territorial foundation in service to the cultural and ecological regeneration of our bioregion in Barichara, Colombia. the Territorial Foundation | Earth many of you know, we are about a year into a process to create our own territorial foundation for the regenerative work in Barichara. This is a very powerful model that …Read more
I want to share the webinar I gave over the weekend as part of our learning journey in Earth Regenerators. We explored how to navigate emergence together in the midst of unprecedented planetary change. It was deeply powerful for the participants. Do We Navigate Emergence Together?youtu.beThis is the fourth webinar of the learning journey, Living Into the Design Pathway, …Read more
These two podcasts explain more beautifully than anything how we are creating the Earth Regenerators design school for planetary regeneration. Please listen and share. is a gathering place for people who would like to participate in the Design Institute for Regenerating Earth. We come from many walks of life, live all over the world, and are unified in …Read more
We will be hosting a two-month learning journey about how to create prosocial groups that work in service to regeneration of the Earth. Please come join us! …Read more
I would like to personally invite all of you to join this two-month learning journey — where we will explore how to live regeneratively at local, regional, and planetary scales. Get a free copy of my book too. All proceeds will go to regenerative projects in Barichara, Colombia. Please share this far and wide. Into the Design are …Read more
An important progress report about how we are creating a bioregional fund for regeneration while also building planetary capacity with the Earth Regenerators platform that is nearly 2500 strong. Report :: February 6th, much is happening now that it feels like a challenge to write this update. I just looked back and it has been almost two weeks …Read more
Here is an important update about our work to create a planetary network of bioregional regeneration… serious and urgently needed! All is done in the spirit of gift economy. Come join us and let’s get to work. Network of Earth we are merging the digital platform with place-based bioregional projects to form a planetary network…The purpose of this …Read more
I am filled with gratitude for how our community regenerators are learning how to heal each other in order to regenerate the Earth. Here is an update about what we are doing together. Beautiful Tapestry for Earth took this photo of an incredible mural while visiting Lake Atitlán in Guatemala last year. Beautiful, isn’t it?My purpose in writing to …Read more
I would like to invite all of you who want to help create research projects devoted to bioregional design to join me this Saturday for a webinar about how we can collaborate through the global network of Earth Regenerators. If you are connected with a university, a researcher yourself, or a motivated learner who would like to help create this …Read more
Explore the cultural evolution of complex societies, our current planetary predicament, and the role of the Coronavirus as it plays out in a destabilized global system.When this happens, it’s usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people or changed who can see it, or it’s been deleted. …Read more
This is applied cultural evolution at scale… be inspired to regenerate the Earth!!! Moroccan Food Forest That Inspired an Agricultural Revolutionwww.atlasobscura.comThese ancient forest gardens may be more relevant than ever. …Read more
In four days, we will host another free webinar… this one is about regenerative education and bioregional learning centers! Come join us. Education and Bioregional Learning Centers – Crowdcastwww.crowdcast.ioRegister now for Joe Brewer’s event on Crowdcast, scheduled to go live on Saturday February 29, 2020 at 1:00 pm COT. …Read more
We’ve just created an announcement that our next workshop will be August 15-19th here at Rancho Margot… this is a change of dates from a previous schedule. Would you like to join us in Costa Rica for a transformational learning journey about how to regenerate the Earth? We begin by acknowledging the planetary collapse that we are already in as …Read more
This article explains the history of economics and how it failed to see the global ecological crisis. Note the vital role of cultural evolution in this history…href=”″> Cultural Evolution of Economics — how can we know so much and still be structurally stupid?medium.comThis is the transcript of Joe Brewer’s presentation at the 6th International r3.0 Conference, held in Rotterdam on …Read more
It is one month until the next time we give this workshop on Managing Planetary Collapse. And this may be the last time we offer it. Please let us know if you are thinking about attending. Always happy to answer questions about this unusual and special learning journey that prepares people to make transformational changes in their lives so they …Read more
We are excited to announce the launch of the Design Institute for Regenerating Earth! Come learn with us about how we can all work with living systems to regenerate people, landscapes, communities, and the entire planet. Institute for Regenerating Earthculturalevolutioncenter.orgThe future for humanity will depend upon how we navigate the next half century. We have already crossed at least four …Read more
Your friendly reminder that we are 10 days away from the next FREE webinar on Earth Regeneration… this one will focus on regenerative education and bioregional learning centers. Come join us! Education and Bioregional Learning Centers – Crowdcastwww.crowdcast.ioRegister now for Joe Brewer’s event on Crowdcast, scheduled to go live on Saturday February 29, 2020 at 1:00 pm COT. …Read more
This excellent talk by Joshua Fields describes the “state of planetary collapse” very well — and invites the audience to explore pathways to greater wisdom that will be necessary to safeguard humanity’s future. Fields – The Wisdom Race – Emergewww.whatisemerging.comIn this talk Joshua Fields, the Executive Director of Consciousness Hacking, explores the connection between consciousness and collapse, what we can …Read more
This talk explores a sobering challenge to humanity achieving planetary sustainability… and offers clarity about how we might get there if we embrace our evolved history as a species. Evolutionary Roots of our Future | Lonnie Aarssen | TEDxQueensUyoutu.beHumans have always been fascinated with themselves – it is what has brought the rise of the humanities – yet the answer …Read more
Honoring our friend and mentor David Sloan Wilson for this exchange of wisdom and scientific knowledge with the Dalai Lama about the cultural evolution of humanity. & Life Conversations with the Dalai Lama and David Sloan Wilson – Mind & Life Institute Videoswww.mindandlife.orgBack to top …Read more
Are you ready to believe in humanity? Can we regenerate the Earth? There’s only one way to find out — by actually doing it!href=”″> We Regenerate the Earth?medium.comThe world is already in overshoot-and-collapse. We have crossed at least four of the nine planetary boundaries that define a “safe”… …Read more
An important way to spread regenerative practices is to learn how to live them… href=””> Seeking Life of Earth Regenerationmedium.comThe Earth is in overshoot-and-collapse. There are deep systemic threats for the future of humanity. And we have a child who turns three… …Read more
Who would like to join a study group with me as I write a book about Earth regeneration? A Study Group on Earth Regeneration | Joe Brewer on Patreonwww.patreon.comOfficial Post from Joe Brewer: Dear Patreon Supporters and Friends,Some of you may have been following my activities on Facebook in the last few days, as I’ve given daily updates about how …Read more
Muy interestante para los investagores en español… Quoted feed from @Mcotsar Officially submitted 🙂 Huge thanks to my amazing supervisors @xrubiocampillo and my colleagues @SimonCarrignon and @maria_yubero for their support! Thesis cover by @hippiefer (many thanks Diana) …Read more
How do we direct the applications of cultural evolution research to support ecosystem restoration with these kinds of insights? Quoted feed from @CrowtherLab BREAKING: The world’s largest animal populations are found in sub-arctic soils rather than tropical 🐛❄️ @CrowtherLab’s new study has found that 57 BILLION #soil worms – or #nematodes exist for every person on earth 🌏 Learn more …Read more
A key aspect of understanding how cultural systems evolved in the past is to accurately characterize their developmental history… Quoted feed from @jasonhickel Economists call them “underdeveloped countries”, but this is a misnomer that obscures the power relations that have produced this condition. A more accurate term would be “historically plundered countries”. …Read more
Cultural group selection leads to bias in efficacy of the field? 😉 (This could be a broad commentary on academic silos in universities, by the way!) Quoted feed from @yaneerbaryam What happens in a world where a profession seeks to expand the amount of work it has. Consider lawyers, doctors, … …Read more
Note how it is the cultural evolution of destructive land practices that are causing the Amazon rainforest to burn to the ground. Only the cultural evolution of regenerative practices can address this.… …Read more
This article helps explain in evolutionary terms how much will be involved in the transformation of globalized economic systems in order to make sustainability possible. We have a lot of work to do! @David_S_Wilson @tvolmag @tmwaring @erleellis… …Read more
Check out our latest newsletter exploring the evolution of empires and their historical patterns — with implications for planetary sustainability in the 21 Century.… …Read more
How do we manage the complexities of real-world cultural evolution? This interview explores what the cognitive and social sciences have to say about this… …Read more
On the importance of synthesizing knowledge about cultural evolution using complex systems approaches… Quoted feed from @acerbialberto Important paper from @AndrewBuskell et al. on cultural evolution. I had myself started to work about similar things in Stockholm, and it is great to see the developments!… …Read more
Thank you for this summary of what cooperation means… and why it is so fundamental to understanding cultural evolution. Quoted feed from @AthenaAktipis You are literally made of cooperation. Want to learn more? I sum it up in one minute: …Read more
Intriguing to ponder the cultural evolution of academic research in seemingly related fields of human study… Quoted feed from @MichaelESmith Thanks for the link. I resigned from the AAA over their removal of “science” from the mission statement. I don’t find much of use for my research in anthropology any more, so I don’t bother to keep up on current …Read more
Sharing this talk again about the root causes of ecological crisis and the role of bioregional learning centers for weaving a tapestry of regeneration across the Earth… …Read more
This deep exchange between @David_S_Wilson and Jonathan Birch about the history and philosophy of social evolution is great for those seeking subtle-yet-profound insights into the field…… …Read more
This talk explores a sobering challenge to humanity achieving planetary sustainability… and offers clarity about how we might get there if we embrace our evolved history as a species. …Read more
Applying cultural evolution to improve science… Quoted feed from @psmaldino Sometimes, when you meet a Nature editor at a conference and start ranting about theory and measurement, they ask you to write about it. Here’s a very short thing I wrote.… …Read more
Center for Applied Cultural Evolution retweeted: In our @TrendsCognSci paper, @bruce_rawlings and I address a question that has long puzzled scientists: How is it that humans have such sophisticated technology, and yet it takes most of childhood to learn to solve basic tool innovation tasks? (1/10)… …Read more
Center for Applied Cultural Evolution retweeted: At the heart of land regeneration is the need to cooperate… Heal the humans in order to heal the landscape.… …Read more
Center for Applied Cultural Evolution retweeted: Now you can engage with #thisviewoflife in two ways: nonfiction ( and fiction ( )! @tvolmag @EvoInstitute @EvonomicsMag @CulturalEvolSoc @evolvingfutures @ESICulture @INETeconomics @INETOxford @mercatus @RebuildMacro @DoughnutEcon …Read more
Center for Applied Cultural Evolution retweeted: @MSchlaile @JohanKask @UniHohenheim @evolvingfutures @CulturalEvolSoc @jale_tosun We are practicing Prosocial in the cohort of ~40 “community regenerators” for creating decentralized governance of the global network. This will help us develop the research tools for tracking prosocial group behaviors across regenerative projects in the future. 😉 …Read more
Center for Applied Cultural Evolution retweeted: I’m proud to be part of this spinoff organization from @EvoInstitute! You’ll be hearing a lot more about it soon…@StevenCHayes @myACBS @CulturalEvolSoc @evolvingfutures @BioengineerGM.… …Read more
Center for Applied Cultural Evolution retweeted: .@amesoudi is being too modest. And I don’t ramble! Our conversation takes a deep dive into his excellent work and I look forward to featuring other cultural evolutionists in future podcasts. @EES_update @CulturalEvolSoc @evolvingfutures @HumBehEvoSoc @EvoInstitute… …Read more
Center for Applied Cultural Evolution retweeted: In our new article on #systemsentrepreneurship, we use Donella Meadows’ leverage points to conceptualize how entrepreneurs can intervene in innovation systems to implement a dedication to sustainability transitions!… @cognitivepolicy @LevPoints4Sust …Read more
Center for Applied Cultural Evolution retweeted: Vital to understand this if you want to intentionally design for regeneration of landscapes…… …Read more
Center for Applied Cultural Evolution retweeted: super wealthy folks giving to charity is better than not giving (a bit), but it can NEVER be a substitute for robust, well-funded, broad public services programs. This fantastic piece by @SaiferAdam explains why… …Read more

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