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Joe Brewer
Joe Brewer
Cultural Evolution Thought Leader | Facilitator of Earth Regenerators | Executive Director at Center for Applied Cultural Evolution
Cultural Evolution Thought Leader | Facilitator of Earth Regenerators | Executive Director at Center for Applied Cultural Evolution
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Joe runs the study group Earth Regenerators

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Joe has a unique background in physics, math, philosophy, atmospheric science, complexity research, and cognitive linguistics. Awakened to the threat of human-induced climate disruption while pursuing a Ph.D. in atmospheric science, he switched fields and began to work with scholars in the behavioural and cognitive sciences with the hope of helping create large-scale behavior change at the level of global civilization.

He was an active member of the Center for Complex Systems Research at the University of Illinois studying pattern formation in physical and social systems before joining renowned linguist, George Lakoff, at the Rockridge Institute in Berkeley to analyze political discourse and reveal the structures of meaning in human language.

In 2008, Joe launched the research consultancy Cognitive Policy Works whose mission was to apply insights from cognitive science to social change efforts. It was here that he built up a global network of collaborators in the nonprofit, governmental, and social impact business domains.

He has spoken at many global conferences on the science of social change and the human dimensions of planetary sustainability. And has given workshops on three continents about the workings of the human mind and the strategic tools for designing and enacting positive change in the world.


Center for Applied Cultural Evolution
Center for Applied Cultural Evolution
Imagine the Future of Humanity

Applying insights from cultural evolutionary studies to social problems


The Center for Applied Cultural Evolution was created to help communities guide their own social change efforts using integrated social science tools and frameworks. Our mission is to launch a series of Culture Design Labs around systemic challenges ranging from poverty and inequality to climate change and more.

Our unique model is to treat every place where practitioners seek to create positive social change as a field site for applied cultural evolution research — forging partnerships between scientists and change practitioners to analyze, monitor, and guide their efforts with the best scientific tools available. We do this by establishing Culture Design Labs for conducting action research that uses participatory approaches to include those who will be impacted by our programs and interventions.


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