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Why do I get the feeling that JH, JW and DS are self aware enough

Listening to Jordan Hall and Daniel Schmachtenberger for the past couple of years, and more recently Jamie Wheal.

I get the icky feeling that they are trying to create their own vocabulary as an exclusionary code. This is a common strategy, in continental philosophy and postmodernism, across sociology and corporate culture (jargon), and before that religions and probably mystics and druids before that. You take useful operative shorthand and twist it to create an impenetrable web of bullshit to maintain your own position, to keep the ins in and the outs out. I feel like they are creating this vocabulary without any definitions that anyone can understand and thats a dangerous signal to me.

Its group alignment 101 – classic Game A. Question the leaders by asking for basic definitions and get marginalised and exlcuded. Play the language game cynically and you get in. Become a sycophant and take your place as a useful idiot.

I think what they are talking about is really important, maybe the most important thing, but they are also making it way more verbose and impenetrable, possibly artificially so.

I hope I am wrong but if I’m not: Cut the shit and define your words. Don’t be prestige grifters, harvesting people’s hopes and aspirations for clicks, thumbs and follows. Don’t play the prestige game at all. This isn’t about you. We don’t need any more gurus.

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