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This content was posted on  25 May 18  by   Daniel Thorson  on  Podcast
Where Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris, and Ezra Klein Go Wrong

In this episode of Emerge I speak with Bonnitta Roy. Bonnitta is the founding principle of Alderlore Insight Center, a non-profit adult learning center focused on practices that support emerging wisdom. She teaches a Masters program in Consciousness Studies at The Graduate Institute. She is also founding associate of APP-AI whose mission is to bring open participation into the workplace.

You can read her writing on the Open Participatory Organization at

We speak about:

– How to have conversations across paradigms

– Problems inherent in meta-perspectives

– Why Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris, and Ezra Klein fail to have generative and productive conversations (and how we can benefit from listening)

– How to address the underlying dynamics of identity politics

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