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Topic: Money in GameB

There’s been a (or possibly multiple) discussion around this in FB around the significance of money in a future GameB world, but I can’t find that any more, so I thought it might be a good idea to put that here in Reddit, where it will be hopefully a bit longer-lived.

Are there some resources regarding this that you are aware of?

Also, just as an invitation to discuss or possibly spawn out into separate threads, some specific questions I’ve had:

(Before though: Let’s make a distinction between ‘Tokens’ and ‘Money’, where ‘Money’ is equivalent to the every-day GameA use of Euros and Dollars etc, but also includes crypto-tokens that only have ‘value’ because they can be exchanged to $; while ‘Tokens’ might be something more diverse and includes things that conform more to what Arthur Brock calls ‘current-sees’, which includes tokens that don’t necessarily have a $-value, e.g. Time-tokens, tokens of appreciation, …)

  • How likely is it that we will get rid of money ($) alltogether?
  • Is an economy with only non-monetary tokens conceivable?
  • Does GameB need an ‘economy’ at all?
  • What (kind of) tokens do you see as especially important in a GameB world?
  • Do we need to keep track of past achievements or misdemeanours of individuals (encrypted in your money/token balance)?

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