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THE KEN SHOW: I DREAM OF GENEALOGY In his essay, “Who Ate Captain


In his essay, “Who Ate Captain Cook? Integral Historiography in a Postmodern Age” (available to download here) Ken says the following:

“But here’s the other thing, the incredibly important thing, that organic genealogy does: it gets us out of the dead-end of pluralism and extreme postmodernism. Genealogy rescues us from pluralistic relativism, from flatland egalitarianism, from the deconstructive postmodernism that is the epidemic of our age. Genealogy is the cure for the postmodern nightmare that has ruined not only academia but much of culture at large. In short, genealogy is the cure for pluralism.” —Ken Wilber

He continues:

“The reason that genealogy is the cure for pluralism is that delicately done research on cultural patterns as they unfold over time suggests various organic patterns that the culture itself announces (which is why this is not an exteriorly imposed metanarrative). These flow patterns suggest judgments inherent in the cultural unfolding itself (and inherent in various patterns of social learning), patterns that are not imposed from without, and thus these natural, internal, organic patterns help us establish a moral compass in the midst of the otherwise flatland, rudderless display that is pluralistic relativism. Moreover, these unfolding holistic patterns show us how to actually arrive at a wave of consciousness development where all stances can be treated fairly, impartially, worldcentricly—which is the actual, stated aim of authentic postmodernism anyway.” —Ken Wilber

Watch as Ken unpacks his thoughts about integral genealogy, and how it can help us escape the dead end of extreme postmodernism.


Ken unpacks his own approach to integral historiography, helping us to better understand our own place in history — and history’s place in us.

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