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This content was posted on  12 Jul 20  by   Suicide and Communication – Matt Blank  on  Podcast
Suicide and Communication – Matt Blank

Matt is a BASE Jumper and deep thinker. In this episode, he proposes the unlikely position that is essentially; “If you are going to jump off the bridge, at least let me come with you. At least share with me your thoughts before you go.” This is an incredible shift from the typical response that is “Please dont do it! I beg you! You can’t! Think of how sad your mom will be!”. We also go really deep into the dynamics of communication that lead people to feel isolated emotionally and might even lead to their suicide – as well as the types of communication that might lead them away from the edge. We also talk about being enslaved by existence and how freeing of an act suicide really is, and how considering suicide might actually help people choose life. It’s a crazy and powerful episode and the first one on which I actually cry. Its sad as fuck to think about how many millions of people think about, struggle with, attempt or succeed in killing themselves each year. Something is certainly broken here, my friends, and my heart breaks in response to it.

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