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Steve March – An Integrated Ecology of Practice for the Meta-Crisis

Steve March is the creator of an integrated ecology of practice and founder of Aletheia Coaching. In this episode we get into the history of coaching, depth and the fourth generation of coaching, going from self-improvement to self-unfoldment, Heidegger’s view on technology and attunement, depth ontology, eclecticism to integration, parts conflict in ecologies of practice, four depths of self-contact, internal family systems.

Aletheia Coaching:

Steve’s Paper on the Neuroscience of Transformation:

[0:02:36] Introducing Steve

[0:09:00] First, Second, Third Generation Coaching

[0:13:43] Aletheia and the Fourth Generation of Coaching

[0:18:10] What if we are already whole?

[0:18:47] Reservations about the term “coaching”

[0:20:38] Exploring Unfoldment

[0:24:57] Technological Attunement and Poetic Attunement

[0:44:53] Invoking Poetic Attunement

[0:53:20] Deeping eclecticism into integration

[1:37:00] Scaling Psychotechnologies

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