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So You Want to Become a (Better) Teal Mentor

So, You Want to Become a (Better) Teal Mentor? – Enlivening Edge


By George Pór for Enlivening Edge Magazine

Here are some serious (and some not-so-serious) injunctions for budding Teal mentors:


  • Take yourself too seriously
  • Put people in boxes labeled by Spiral colors or anything
  • Obey commands, including this one


  • Distinguish personal preference from objective objection in your response to a group decision you don’t like
  • Form a Personal Advisory Board of trusted elders, or at least, find a spiritual friend to support and challenge you
  • Try an evolutionary worldview on for size

All that is easier said than done? Maybe so. Where to start?

Discover the requisite strengths that you already have. Explore what you might need, to grow into the Teal worldview of consciousness, where you will sense, think, speak, relate, and act from beyond the ‘small self,’ with increasing frequency.

This workshop which follows right after the Next Stage World gathering on Rhodes, in late April, will be an opportunity to learn to become an instrument for the development of others and yourself. There will be no curriculum to absorb, only the pulsating life of the group and your caring self in it to experience. We will co-create our shared learning agenda, then progress throughout the day by responding to what is needed from a moment-to-moment awareness.

Of course, this short workshop won’t make you a Teal mentor, but it will prepare you for the journey to become one. You will leave with your personal pathways signposted, and further learning resources and opportunities provided, and a community of fellow travelers on the path.

If you’re interested, learn more here.

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