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This content was posted on  25 Nov 19  by   Daniel Thorson  on  Podcast
Rob Burbea – Emptiness, Postmodernism, and Sacred Participation

On this episode I’m joined once again by meditation teacher and author Rob Burbea. For this conversation Jamie Bristow and I talk with Rob about his approach to emptiness, and how it can be a route beyond postmodern nihilism and into a vibrant and sacred participation in the world.
We talk about:

An overview of the ‘ways of looking’ approach to emptiness, 
the participatory nature of perception & the world, 
how perception gets fabricated through our participation, 
the limitations of a purely cognitive deconstruction ala postmodernism, 
how Rob would define emptiness if asked about it at a cocktail party, 
How emptiness reveals a path beyond post-modernity, 
how hidden commitments limit our ability to explore perspectives, 
the unavoidability of participation and the impossibility of neutrality, 
the middle way between existence and non-existence, how this approach to emptiness offers a way forward in a ‘post-truth’ world, 
how your experience right now is constellated by your way of seeing (whether you know it or not), 
and the necessity of practice to realize the deeper dimensions of emptiness.

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