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Richard Bartlett – Occupy Wall Street as Bootstrapping Collective Intelligence

In this conversation, I speak with Richard Dennis Bartlett. Richard is an author, organizational consultant, and founder of Loomio and The Hum, as well as a member of Enspiral network. He and I share an identity as former participants in Occupy Wall Street, me in NYC and Richard in New Zealand.

Together we reflect on whether Occupy Wall Street could be seen as a ‘bootstrapped’ collective intelligence, the rise of the vTaiwan movement and digital governance, and the need to leverage both social and digital technology together to create robust expressions of benevolent collective intelligence.

The Hum

Guidance for Self-organising Teams | The Hum

Practical guidance for decentralised organisations and self-managing teams. The Hum provides training, advice, online and in person options.



Loomio: decide together

Build collaborative culture through inclusive, democratic participation Work together as a distributed organization Deliberate on proposals Apply collaborative decision-making processes Engage staff in company-wide decisions Continue governance between meetings Have better meetings Facilitate discussion on topics Make decisions between meetings Improve governance practices Keep an auditable record Inclusive space to engage with members Share information and raise topics Interact and deliberate Participate in policy development Organize for action Vote in General Assembly

Richard on Medium

Richard D. Bartlett – Medium

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