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This content was posted on  16 Jul 20  by   Parenting and Partying – Daniel Kazandjian  on  Podcast
Parenting and Partying – Daniel Kazandjian

Daniel is a Stoic Philsopher and hosts a weekly ‘Metagame Mastermind’ at The Stoa. In this episode we talk about parenting, how our own upbringings were good, but flawed. We talk about creating a series of milestones in a child’s life, with corresponding ceremonies that attempt to endow the child with the necessary knowledge, wisdom, guidance and love that will enable them to transition into the next level of personhood as they grow. We talk about how these ceremonies might look like parties and furthermore, how we party on my birthday and why. It’s a rad look at how we can make more meaningful connections and growth through our parties with our friends. We also talk about Emotional Metabolism! How we process our human experiences and how important they are!

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