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This content was posted on  1 Jul 20  by   Masculinity, Gender Relations and Friendship – Daniel Kazandjian  on  Podcast
Masculinity, Gender Relations and Friendship – Daniel Kazandjian

Daniel hosts the “Metagame Mastermind” at The Stoa. He’s a deep philosophical thinker, an authentic relater and one of the best listeners that I’ve ever encountered. This episode is our first time ever talking, which is crazy considering how far we get. It is vulnerable and ernest; two traits that we agree need to be promoted in this time of transition. We talk about my own experience around feminism and gender relations, what I see/hear and what I think is missing or out of place. We talk about reinventing a new type of gender relations and what that might look and sound like. We talk about the importance of friendship, of brotherhood, of sisterhood, where they’ve gone and why.

This is an awesome episode and I really appreciate daniel for his time and his presence.

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