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Mark Feenstra – The Inner Dimension of the Meta-Crisis

In this episode, I’m speaking with Mark Feenstra. Mark is co-founding a consulting and training ecosystem and incubator, called New Mainstream, which focuses on large scale change that starts with ourselves and the possibility of a new mainstream. Mark is also in the process of founding a land-based community to ground the possibility of actualizing a new mainstream, initially in Golden Bay, New Zealand. 

Over the last year or so I’ve been lucky enough to have a number of conversations with Mark. He, as much as anyone I’ve encountered, really lives the sort of inquiry that I’ve been attempting to embody on this show. Every time I speak with Mark I feel like I’m falling into some wormhole of understanding and coherence. Mark has an amazing ability to bring these topics down to earth without sacrificing the ambiguity and playfulness that is the lifeblood of beautiful conversation.  

We talk about: 

Shifting from a Game A to Game B mental operating system 

The fractal nature of the meta-crisis and how it lives within each of us 

What integrity really means (and whether a crisis of integrity at the heart of the meta-crisis) 

Whether the split between individual transformation and systems transformation is an artifact of Game A consciousness 

Why attempting to fix or heal the crisis is a red herring Integrity as an emergent property of coming into relationship with wholeness 

How noticing the lack of integrity is a proximal cause of integrity 

The relationship between integrity and omni-win decision making 

And the beautiful impossibility of true omni-win decision making  

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