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This content was posted on  30 Jun 20  by   Jim Rutt #2 – Complexity and Paragliding  on  Podcast
Jim Rutt #2 – Complexity and Paragliding

Jim is the Chairman of the Santa Fe Institute, a radiacally trans-disciplinary complexity research institute in New Mexico. So, asking him about complexity is quite fitting. He’s been dealing with this conversation for a long time and has some really interesting opinions on it. But it goes deeper, cause this episode mashes together Jim’s scientific understanding of complexity with my own embodied experiences with complexity in my sports like paragliding, where I’m trying to understand and function in something as complex as the living atmosphere, and highlining, where my body is taking the reigns and is doing all of the complex computations that allow it to balance on a skinny, wobbly, mile-long rope! This episode is AWESOME! Thanks so much to Jim Rutt for being an OG in the Game B space and for being so fun to talk to. He’s like the uncle I never had! lol

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