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This content was posted on  6 May 19  by   Daniel Thorson  on  Podcast
Jeremy Johnson – Jean Gebser & Mutating Consciousness in the Anthropocene

Todays guest is Jeremy Johnson. Jeremy is the author of the new book ‘Seeing Through the World: Jean Gebser and Integral Consciousness’. Jeremy is also the host of the wonderful Mutations podcast, and the editor of the anthology Mutations: Art, Consciousness, and the Anthropocene.


Together we explore Gebser’s idea of ‘origin’, the move from the non-perspectival to perspectival to aperspectival consciousness (aka integral), the way creative innovations emerge out of presence, Gebser’s relationship with metamodernism, the difficulty of trying to articulate anything beyond the mental structure of consciousness, how to experience the past and the future in the present, and feeling our way into the diaphanous nature of the anthropocene.

Seeing Through the World (Amazon)

Mutations Podcast

Circling Intensive at the Monastic Academy

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