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This content was posted on  7 Jul 20  by   Jared Janes – Cancel Culture and Memetic Mediation  on  Podcast
Jared Janes – Cancel Culture and Memetic Mediation

Jared is a podcaster, meditator and thinker. In this episode we talk about the cancel culture mob, how it feels to be chased and more. We also talk about Memetic Mediation – basically a term for getting people of varying ideologies to actually communicate with one another so we can avoid or remedy needless polarization. We also talk a bit about the individuated self vs the idea of unity or oneness. We briefly discuss his role as the producer of the Jim Rutt show. (Jim has been on my podcast twice, check it out)

He hosts the Both/And Podcast and the With Jared Janes Podcast. Check out his work at

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