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This content was posted on  1 May 20  by   How to Give a Fuck  on  Podcast
How to Give a Fuck

In our current culture, we are addicted to calling out what is wrong, but with a very narrow, shallow view of what is actually going on; why are these problems manifesting? What are the conditions that are contributing? What are the emotional, experiential and cognitive processes that are creating it? We tend to just point a finger, rah rah rah, and then go back to what we were doing. The fucks we are giving are shallow and unhelpful. We have to mature into a higher level of development so we can look with omni-consideration at our problems, from every possible viewpoint. This creates a much deeper fuck to give, and deeper fucks to give is just what we need right now.

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I also mention Ken Wilber, Integral theory and AQWAL in this episode. Sorry if the diagram doesn’t make sense, please look it up!

Love you all, thank you, om shanti

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