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This content was posted on  23 Feb 20  by   Joe Brewer  on  Medium
Hey John,

Hey John,

It’s a very complicated thing — to live a truly spiritual life when so many are living trapped within the semantic frames of politics. For example, am I truly privileged to have been conquered and assimilated so many generations ago that I don’t really know where I am indigenous to?

The role of privilege arises in the psychological and social development of people who increase their capacities for sovereignty, to embody wisdom, and to give love into the world through their actions. It is the corresponding empowerment that makes responsibility both possible and necessary.

My family has always been poor. We have struggled continuously as outsiders. And now we find ourselves in wholesome relationships after decades without because we are learning to live authentically and in service to Gaia. The question of privilege makes less sense than the call to service in this critical transition.

We have been welcomed by the local people of this town. They too are outsiders who squat on the lands of the Guane who were exterminated here centuries before any of us were born. The land was destroyed by rape-and-pillage from multinational corporations before we arrived. So are we truly “privileged” to be here acting in service to the subterranean life that calls us forth to bring it back to the surface?

See how the political categories fail us here? It’s a topic to be explored within our own hearts as we live our full lives. I hope this makes a little sense as I know you too have struggled with this for quite some time.

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