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This content was posted on  23 Sep 19  by   Daniel Thorson  on  Podcast
Guy Sengstock – Circling Towards Meaningfulness & Collective Intelligence

In this episode I’m speaking with Guy Sengstock. Guy is the creator/discoverer of Circling, a relational meditation practice that is quickly spreading across the world. 

In this conversation, we cover such topics as:

– Guy’s take on what Circling is

– How Circling has revealed itself over the years to Guy

– What it means to obey what we discover in our practice(s)

– How we know to get interested in something

– The mystery at the heart of the practice of Circling

– Where the sacred and the divine live in Circling

– Why other people are terrifying

– Circling and Collective Intelligence

– How conversations make the world

– How making fine distinctions brings the world into being

The Circling Institute

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