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This content was posted on  8 Jul 20  by   Gregg Henriques – The Tsunami of Mental Health  on  Podcast
Gregg Henriques – The Tsunami of Mental Health

Gregg is a professor of Psychology at James Madison University in Virginia. He has done extensive work in an attempt to bring the disjointed field of psychology into coherence, and authored the book A New Unified Theory of Psychology. He’s briliiant and wise and we’ve had 3, hour long conversations leading up to this one. In this talk, we explore my own experience with mental health lately, amidst Covid, lockdown, social media, racial riots, BLM and a hysterical online discourse. He has great insight and I’m sure this episode will help you understand how you’ve been feeling, or as gregg puts it, ’emotionally metabolize the present’.

Thanks for coming on, Gregg! Love you!

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