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This content was posted on  20 Mar 20  by   Gavin McClurg – Coronavirus and Throwing Reserves  on  Podcast
Gavin McClurg – Coronavirus and Throwing Reserves

Welcome to the podcast Gavin McClurg! Gavin is a paragliding pilot, sailor, skier, kayaker, NatGeo’s Adventurer of the Year and a podcaster. He hosts the Cloudbase Mayhem Podcast, a paragliding show that interviews the top pilots to spread their knowledge on flying and safety. He’s raced 3 times in the Red Bull X-Alps, a 1100km adventure race that crosses the Alps 5 times. He’s an inspiration to so many, myself included. So stoked on this episode.

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Mentioned in this episode, Jeff Shapiro, Cody Mitanck, Cloudbase Mayhem, and more.

“Gavin McClurg (born April 21, 1972) is an American paragliding pilot, adventurer and offshore sailor. As a paraglider, he pioneered a route over the Alaska Range along with Dave Turner, and completed several expeditions over remote areas across North America. As a sailor, he circumnavigated the Earth twice.

McClurg set the free-distance USA foot launch paragliding record at 387 km in 2013, taking off from Sun Valley, Idaho.[5] He was awarded the National Geographic Adventurer of the Year nomination in 2015 for an 18-day crossing of the Canadian Rockies from McBride, British Columbia to the US border with Will Gadd, documented in the film The Rockies Traverse.[6][7] McClurg completed the Red Bull X-Alps race in July, 2015 finishing in 8th place.[8] On May 5, 2016 McClurg set out with Dave Turner to traverse the full length of the Alaska Range by foot and paraglider, unsupported. The 480 mile route had never been attempted by paraglider. McClurg completed the route solo on June 17, 2016 after 37 days.” – Gavin’s wiki page

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