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GameB vs The World

I am new to GameB so I hope you will bear with me as I try to understand things that may have be been explained too often before.

I have just read A Journey to GameB which in summary gave in very broad strokes how GameB might become a civilization sized player.

If i understand correctly there is a sense in which GameB players will grow in number to such an extent that they become an appreciable fraction of GameA. At the moment GameA players are growing at an exponential rate, thus to reach a critical mass the number of GameB players will have to grow at an exponential rate.

This seems like a lost cause right from the start. In my estimation the single biggest issue with GameA is that it requires exponential growth to work. GameB is trying to build systems that don’t need exponential growth, in fact it should be linear. One player can sustain one new player (themselves) on average.

GameA needs exponential growth to maintain its institutions, GameB needs exponential growth in new players to compete with GameA.

What am I not understanding? Again its entirely likely that I am missing a major piece of understanding of GameB in general and its changes against GameA in particular.

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