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Easter in the Woke Cult

New Discourses Bullets, Ep. 91

Woke Marxism is a cult. It’s not like a cult. It’s not kind of a cult. It’s a cult. Because it’s a cult, and like the word “Woke” implies, becoming Woke means experiencing a rebirth into the social, emotional, and intellectual worldview of the cult’s doctrine. In fact, fathers of Woke Marxist theory, like Paulo Freire, are explicit about this aspect of Woke Marxism in the starkest possible terms. For Freire, awakening to critical consciousness (becoming Woke) is a personal Easter, a spiritual death and resurrection on the side of the oppressed. How do we know? He says it himself, explicitly and more than once, in his now-famous 1984 book The Politics of Education. In this episode of New Discourses Bullets, host James Lindsay pulls back the curtain on this cult belief and makes it plainly visible. Join him so you can understand that we’re dealing with the largest cult startup in human history.
Hear more about this in a fuller reading of the relevant chapter of Freire’s book here.

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