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This content was posted on  20 May 19  by   Daniel Thorson  on  Podcast
Dr. Douglas Tataryn – Emotions in Meditation and Human Development

This week I’m speaking with Dr. Douglas Tataryn. Doug has created an elegant and effective system for emotional healing and understanding.  This work makes insights from years of study and practice as a clinical psychologist accessible to the everyone. In this conversation we will explore a simple technique for emotional clearing that you can begin practicing immediately, and look at how emotions play a role in meditation, human development, and cultural transformation.

Doug and I discuss how emotions obstruct concentration in meditation practice, the 9 core feelings, the difference between feelings and emotions, how crying is part of the natural healing sequence of the emotional brain, the role of language in accessing our feelings, the role of emotions in moving from traditional to modern to postmodern developmental stages, a developmental assessment of the social justice warrior phenomenon, the difference between functional and dysfunctional postmodernism, and how to deal with the deep gunk of our psyche.

List of 9 Core Feelings (Evernote)

The 9 Core Feelings (Diagnostic)

Bio-Emotive Meditation Retreat at the Monastic Academy (June 21-23)

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