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This content was posted on  31 Mar 20  by   Dr. Annie Pendygraft – Cognitive Resilience, Meaning Making and Coronavirus  on  Podcast
Dr. Annie Pendygraft – Cognitive Resilience, Meaning Making and Coronavirus

In this podcast episode with Dr. Annie, we talk about mental health, meditation and why it works, how our brains make meaning, how our brains make resilience, the importance of having space for sadness right now, anticipatory grief, some germ theory about covid-19, how a big bike crash cracked her open, curiosity and how it creates resilience, the unique vulnerabilities of a schizophrenic population, and so much more. This is a really practical episode and I think it provides great insight into how our brains work and how they’re likely working right now. Also, her insights help us understand how to make meaning and why that is so important.

I really appreciate Dr. Annie’s work, (which seems daunting) her perspective, and her time coming on the podcast to help us all understand ourselves a little more. I also appreciate, most viscerally, her friendship and that light spunkiness that she has on tap. Love you Annie!

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Annie is 5’3’’. She’s blonde. She’s fit. She’s cute. She’s got a big smile and a spunky attitude. She’s likely to have scabs on her shins from her pedals and some kind of facial tan lines related to radical sports eyewear. Her driveway holds a truck, a snowmobile, a dirtbike and enough bikes that even as one of her riding partners, I’m still not sure how many she actually has. She’s from Kentucky, and from a line of outgoing and industrious women. She’s very smart, very sarcastic and super fun. She’s also a clinical psychologist who runs an in treatment facility in bend. She’s in an interesting position, not in the ER, but trying to keep a very and uniquely vulnerable population healthy amidst the ensuing pandemic. Enjoy!

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