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DEI as Stochastic Entryism

New Discourses Bullets, Ep. 80

Entryism is the idea of infiltrating an institution with hostile subversives. It’s a name for a variety of strategies for getting them in where they’re not wanted. DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) programs achieve an entryist goal through an indirect method that involves a bit of randomness. That is, they’re stochastic entryism. The way they work is to increase the probability of hiring people who are activists or who can be made activists through further training without intentionally selecting for activists in a direct way. This maintains plausible deniability about the goal of the program. Simultaneously, it pushes people who reject the Woke Marxist ideology out, but again, apparently at random. In this episode of New Discourses Bullets, host James Lindsay breaks down how DEI initiatives and programs achieve stochastic entryism for Woke Marxist activists and how this is the real goal of those programs.

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