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This content was posted on  5 Aug 19  by   Daniel Thorson  on  Podcast
Daniel Schmachtenberger – Utopia or Bust: Designing a Non Self-Terminating Civilization

This week I’m speaking with Daniel Schmachtenberger. Daniel is a social engineer and evolutionary philosopher and strategist. He is the Founder of Critical Path Institute, The Emergence Project, and Co-Founder of The Neurohacker Collective. You can find his writing at Civilization Emerging.

We talk about the current state of the phase shift, whether we are past the point of no return for social collapse, Daniel’s three generator functions of existential risk, the definition of an adequate social architecture that avoids existential risk, how technology creates asymmetric advantage that debases the planetary life support system, why we need to create technology that leads to ‘metastability’, the pollution of the epistemic commons, why we need to define problems in a comprehensive way where the solutions don’t create worse problems, the vows Daniel made as a teenager, what progress is being made at solving the generator functions of existential risk, the auto-poetic nature of trauma, and the necessity of a mature relationship between certainty and uncertainty.

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